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Make Your Windows 8 System a Trusted PC

Before you can begin syncing Windows 8 settings among your systems, you need to make them a Trusted PC. This is a security feature that lets you sync and reset your password by creating a collection of Windows 8 PCs you trust in your Microsoft account.

From the Windows 8 Start screen, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + C and select Settings. Or, if you’re Windows 8 system is touch screen enabled, swipe from the right bezel to the left to display it.


Then select Change PC Settings.

change pc settings

Under PC Settings, select Sync Your Settings. Then in the left column you can turn sync settings on or off. Under Passwords, notice the PC will need to be trusted first. Click the Trust this PC link.

Tust PC

Or, from the Desktop, click the Action Center icon and select Trust this PC.

Trust PC from Desktop

Then the Action Center opens, click the Trust this PC button.

Trust Action Center

Internet Explorer 10 will open you to the Microsoft Account Settings page. Enter in the code that Microsoft sends via text to your smartphone or via email.

Enter Code

If you don’t receive a code, click “I didn’t get the code”.

I didn't get Code

Then select how you want it sent to you. You can get an automated phone message, a text or have it sent via email. To change your contact settings, log in to your Microsoft account and make the changes.

way to contact

For each Windows 8 computer you set as trusted, it will be listed under your trusted devices.

Trusted PC LIst

After trusting your Windows 8 PCs, the settings you turn on will be synced for unified experience between them. From what I’ve been able to test so far, the UI personalization settings and IE Favorites are transferring successfully. I won’t have a definite conclusion on how well the syncing works until I’m able to spend more time with Windows 8.

I need to test it out more over my local WiFi network and across different networks too. Not every one will like this feature, especially if you have say a Windows 8 tablet for one thing and your desktop for another. So it’s a good thing you can be selective on what syncs or turn it off completely.

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3 Responses to Make Your Windows 8 System a Trusted PC

  1. herwinda jaya kusuma May 13, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    i just wana be freshing my CPU

  2. Tammy September 3, 2013 at 12:08 am #

    “THANK YOU’ , i could’nt figure that one out and it was driving me bananas !!!!
    Thank God for computer geeks !!!! (LOL)
    Much Respect…………

    • Brian Burgess September 3, 2013 at 12:14 am #

      Thanks Tammy! Glad we could help you out. For more awesome geekiness, subscribe to our newsletter, and keep coming back! Just search the site for what you’re looking for and chances are we’ve covered it. Welcome aboard!

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