How to Remix a Snap on Snapchat

How to Remix a Snap on Snapchat

Ever wondered how you could do something like a TikTok Duet, but on Snapchat? Let’s walk through how to remix a snap on Snapchat.

Picture this: You’re scrolling Snapchat through your buddy’s Snaps and Stories, and boom! You spot something that screams for a reaction. Maybe it’s a cat doing a backflip or your friend’s attempt at a gourmet meal that looks more like abstract art. Whatever it is, you want to nod along to the story but with a lot more pizzazz. That’s why you need to know how to remix a Snap on Snapchat. Let me show you how.

Snapchat’s Answer to the TikTok Duet

That’s right, dear Snapchatter, for you have the power to react with more than just a “lol” text. Enter the Remix feature, Snapchat’s cheeky answer to TikTok’s Duet. It’s like doing a side-by-side comedy skit with your pal’s Snap without them knowing. Surprise collaboration, anyone?

Doing a Remix of your friend’s Snap is amazingly easy. The way to do it remains the same whether you’re team iPhone or team Android. Snapchat doesn’t discriminate; it’s an equal-opportunity remixer! So go ahead, give it a whirl, and become the Spielberg of Snapchat Remixes.

How to Remix Your Favorite Snap on Snapchat

Here’s the secret sauce to get you remixing like a pro:

  1. Press and hold the Snap or Chat media you want to remix.
  2. From the menu, tap Remix Snap.
    Snapchat press and hold menu
  3. You can customize the remixed Snap using a number of tools from the menus, including adding your own face and filters.
    initial remix interface
  4. Once you have the remix as you want it, tap the camera shutter button.
    added my face to the remix
  5. Choose whether to send the remix to someone else or post it to your Story.
    share or post remix to story

What You Can and Cannot Remix On Snapchat

If you’re ready to jazz up your Snapchat game with some remix magic, you might want to dive into the treasure trove of your Memories tab. Pick an old Snap that screams “makeover time!” and then waltz through the steps above.

But hey, remember, your remixing superpowers have limits. You can’t save or share the snazzy remixes you whip up from your pals’ Snaps. You also can’t remix videos. Those are both no-nos!

When it comes to your Memories, it’s a remix free-for-all! Save them, share them, send them into the social stratosphere — the world is your remix oyster.

Think of the Remix feature as your personal Snapchat DJ booth, spinning out more creative, fun ways to keep your Snap game strong.

So, get remixing and make Snapchat not just a messaging app but your own personal fun factory. Share the love, the laughs, and, of course, those remix masterpieces with your buddies!

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