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How to Capture Text in Images with OneNote 2013

OCR Text in OneNote 2013Did you know that OneNote has a built-in feature to snag text from photos? When you upload images to a service like Google Docs, the web server uses OCR technology to read the text in the image and convert it to digital type. This process works similarly in OneNote and doesn’t require uploading your (possibly sensitive) data to a third party webserver.

The first step is to place the picture you want to scan text from into your OneNote 2013 workbook. You can do this by pasting the image in, or by selecting it through the Insert > Pictures button from the ribbon.

one note insert picture

Now with a photo in OneNote, just right-click the image and from the context menu choose “Copy Text from Picture.”

copt text from pics in onenote

OneNote will instantly grab all of the text from the image and then paste it in a giant text block. From there you can copy the text and paste it wherever you want.

Note that the OneNote’s OCR capability isn’t 100% accurate, but you can increase the accuracy by pulling text from high resolution, high quality images.

ocr text in onenote 2013

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