Microsoft Word: Turn Text into Hyperlinks

It’s easy to make text in your Word documents hot — that is, into hyperlinks readers click on to get to a site online. I do it with the key combination [CTRL][K]. Here’s how.

First, open your document and select the text you want to turn into a link.

Then hit the key combo [CTRL][K]. This will display the following popup.


Now just type in the URL you want the text to link to. Here I’m typing in the address for groovyPost. Click OK.


You’ll see the text you selected is now a hotlink. Groovy.




  1. David Billings

    You did a good job with this posting. It was sweet, to the point and effective. Thank you:

    An Argument for Brevity:
    Lord’s Prayer = 56 Words
    Twenty-Third Psalm = 118 Words
    Gettysburg Address = 226 Words
    Ten Commandments = 297 Words
    U.S. Department of Agriculture Report
    On The Price of Cabbage = 15,629 Words

    The soul of Wit is Brevity

    • Gina Smith

      Thanks, David! gs

  2. Cchaitu

    Other way to do:

    Place the mouse on a word and Right click and select Hyperlink.

    By doing this you can do following actions on Hyperlink as well
    1. Edit
    2. Copy
    3. Remove

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