How To Insert and Watch Online Videos in Word 2013

If you want to get your point across in a Word document, one way is by inserting a video from YouTube or Bing. It’s easy in Word 2013 to search and find the perfect video.

One of the cool features in Word 2013 is the ability to insert and watch videos from YouTube or Bing in to your documents. This allows you to really make your documents come alive and get your point across.

Insert Online Videos in Word 2013

From the Ribbon, click the Insert tab then Online Video.


That gives you the option to search Bing or YouTube for a video, or paste in the embed code from the specific video.

Search for Video

You’ll get thumbnails from the online service you search videos for.

Bing Video Search

Then you can click to preview the video before inserting into the document.

Preview Video

After you have the video you want, just click the Insert button to add it to the document. Then you’ll get the Picture Tools menu on the Ribbon with different layout options for wrapping text around the video and more.

Format Text and Video Word

In Word 2013, the reader just needs to click the Play button to watch the video. It opens in the document with the background is shadowed out, and you’ll get the same video controls you’re used to. In older versions of Word or Office Web Apps via SkyDrive, the video will link to the service and open in a browser. Here I have it opened on a Surface RT.

Playing Video in Word 2013

This isn’t the same as embedding a video in your documents, but if both users have Word 2013, watching videos in your docs is a seamless experience.

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