Friday Fun: Team Fortress 2 is now Free to Play

Team Fortress Free!

Over the last few Friday Fun groovyPost’s, we’ve mentioned a few old-school gaming articles, like the Android Nintendo 64 Emulator, our ZSNES article and our tutorial guide to playing old-school DOS games on a Vista or Windows 7 computer. Well if old-schoolin it isn’t your thing, today I’ll explain how-to get a free copy of Team Fortress 2 on your Mac or PC.

Downloading Steam

Steam is a great online service that let’s you buy and download games for Windows and the Mac.  What I like about the service is once you register your game, you don’t ever need to worry about losing the key or media since it will always be online and waiting for you should you want to re-download it in the future. 

You can download steam directly from their website and then immediately get started with Team Fortress 2!

Steam Download


Login or create a new account if you don’t have one.  Personally I just use my PlayStation ID which I’ve tied to my Steam account.  If I were to do it again however, I would just use my email and password.

create a new steam account

…and then entering some basic information:

register your steam account name

Install Team Fortress 2

Once you get Steam installed, launch it and Click the Store button on the top left type in the name of the game you want (Team Fortress 2 in this case) to fine and install it.

search the steam store

oh yeah - time to install!

Not Sure If Team Fortress 2 is for you?

Here’s a few vids I found on the net which will give you an idea of what the game is about.  You might want to take a look at a few of them before you start the download.  If your like me, the download will only take a few minutes (yeah, I got a smokin hot internet connection).  However if your like MrGroove and living out in the woods… it could take all day so if your not sure if you like bang-bang shoot-em-up’s take a look below.


Team Fortress 2–Free To Play


Team Fortress 2–Gameplay


Team Fortress 2–Meet The Heavy Weapons Soldier


Team Fortress 2–Meet The Medic

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  1. tazzer99

    Been playing TF2 all weekend – it’s awesome. thnx for the tip groovy

    • DW96

      Really good game, isn’t it? It’s second place on my personal top 10 best games to play during the summer list (first is dragon age, I just love that game)!

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