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screeny for mac

Screen Recording App Screeny Free–1 Day Only

Anyone who’s been reading my blog knows that when it comes to screencapture software, I’m a big fan of Techsmith.  And when it comes to screencasting, Camtasia and it’s free little brother Jing are hard to beat.  That being said, Camtasia isn’t cheap which is why I thought I should drop a quick note to […]

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Google Plus Profile Privacy

Fine Tune Google+ Profile Privacy [groovyTip]

One of the things I like about Google’s new social platform Google+ is the ease of locking down the profile information.  The controls are simple to use and allow you to keep things as locked down or open as you want by specifying who (including circles) can see what field. Full the full write-up, see […]

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Google Music Invite Donation Thread

This morning I logged into my Google Music Beta account and discovered I had 8 invites I could send out.  This is a great sign because just a few weeks ago I had only 2 (and those went quickly…).  Now, since I know these invites are going to go quickly I thought I would start-up […]

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Friday Fun: Team Fortress 2 is now Free to Play

Over the last few Friday Fun groovyPost’s, we’ve mentioned a few old-school gaming articles, like the Android Nintendo 64 Emulator, our ZSNES article and our tutorial guide to playing old-school DOS games on a Vista or Windows 7 computer. Well if old-schoolin it isn’t your thing, today I’ll explain how-to get a free copy of […]

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How-To Get A Cool Desktop Text Icons Dock

Hey, it’s the beginning of March. Have you been following all the new fashion statements? I know I haven’t, but I’m sure my PC has. With this cool tutorial we’ll show you how to get a super groovy hi-tech look for your PC using Rocketdock, photoshop and a few downloads! groovyVideo They say a photo […]

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Windows Process - What is Conhost.exe?

What is conhost.exe and Why Is It Running?

You’re probably reading this because you’ve seen conhost.exe running on your computer, and now you want to know all about it.  Okay, maybe not all about it, but at least if it’s safe, right?  Well today we continue our series on What is that Windows Process explaining that you don’t need to worry about conhost.exe […]

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