Screen Recording App Screeny Free–1 Day Only


Anyone who’s been reading my blog knows that when it comes to screencapture software, I’m a big fan of Techsmith.  And when it comes to screencasting, Camtasia and it’s free little brother Jing are hard to beat.  That being said, Camtasia isn’t cheap which is why I thought I should drop a quick note to all you groovyReaders.

Drew Wilson, the developer behind a popular Mac screen recording app SCREENY is free for today only.  Have I used it?  No.  Will I use it?  Probably but being as I’ve never used it before and I love Camtasia on my Windows 7 box… who can say.

Anyway – if you want a free copy head over to the Mac APP Store today.



  1. Sarah

    So I went on and got this app, which I am very excited to use in my classroom. The thing is that I thought it was free yesterday. Just got my iTunes receipt. Guess it wasn’t.

  2. Spencer

    @Sarah – bummer…. I grabbed it for free on 9/7 so I’m good…

    MrGroove you should of put a date in the free offer!

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