Google Music Invite Donation Thread

groovyPost Google Music Beta Invite Donation

This morning I logged into my Google Music Beta account and discovered I had 8 invites I could send out.  This is a great sign because just a few weeks ago I had only 2 (and those went quickly…).  Now, since I know these invites are going to go quickly I thought I would start-up another donation thread asking all you groovyReaders out there to help me spread the invite love.

[learn_more caption=”Update – 9/13/2011″ state=”open”]Because people are not reading the rules, the comments section has turned into an unorganized mess…

In order to get the donation thread back up and running again, I just nuked about 100 comments. So, please read the rules before posting your email address. The key – you must reply to a person offering invites.

Do not just post your email address or I’ll nuke it. Again, read the rules before posting your email address. Thanks everyone![/learn_more]

Now, before everyone starts posting “INVITE ME!!! INVITE ME!!!”, please read the 4 simple rules below:

Donation / Invite Rules

Having done this several times in the past for Google Voice, Google Wave etc….  If the rules are not followed the comments section will quickly turn into an unmanageable mess where no one will be able to get an invite.  With this in mind, please follow the simple rules below.

Step 1 – Help spread the word by Clicking the Tweet, Like or Google+ button the left.  You can’t miss it.

Step 2 – If you have Google Music Invites, please leave a comment listing how many you will be donating to groovyPost readers.

Step 3 – If you need an invite and your located in the USA, please reply to the person donating invites providing them with your email address. I reccomend using a service like to protect your email address from SPAM Bots. Additionally, it appears that those who are invited are given 8 invites right from the start. Please consider donating these invites down below in the comments.

Note – If 3 invites are being donated and 8 people have already replied asking for invites, please DON’T reply asking to be invited.  It’s simple math…

Step 4 – The person donating the Invites will send an invite to the first people to reply to their comment.  If something doesn’t work out and he has more invites, they should post a new comment listing how many invites they will be donating.

If everyone follows these simple steps, we should have plenty of invites to get everyone in Google Music just like my previous Google Voice Invite Donation groovyPost.

Everyone set?  Sound like a plan?  Perfect – I’ll start things off with the first comment below donating my 8 invites.



  1. MrGroove

    Available for the US ONLY – I have 8 invites available. Request away!

    • shockersh

      Yes plz –

      Thanks you

    • tim jones

      Invite Please! t…@g…

      • tim jones

        Hello, US only, scrub mine if you can. Guess UK will have to wait for this.

        • MrGroove

          Ah… US only – bummer… Ok – I’ve updated the post.

        • Ken


          If you want to circumvent Google a tad (and who doesn’t, once in a while) you could use a proxy service to accept the invite :)

    • Tom Jamieson

      invite please :)

      • MrGroove

        Invite sent Tom – Enjoy

    • Coyote Rogue

      I would love an invite please to

      • MrGroove

        @Coyote – Invite sent!

    • MrGroove

      No Invites Left! All Done.

    • Cori

      Thank you for the invite!

    • Jay

      Hiyas I’d be very grateful for an invite.

  2. shockersh

    I just got my invite from Steve above – I have 8 invites now I can donate as well. Reply to this comment if you need an invite.

    • allen

      Please invite me slackjawgolf at gmail

      • shockersh

        @Allen – Invite Sent! Please donate invites below if you can.

        • Aravind

          Pls…I badly need an Invite!

          Thanx! in Advance1 :)

          • Kevin Campise

            Please send me an invite. Thanks!

          • Richard

            Richard Google Music invitation please


          • Tom

            yes please

          • Justin

            If you still have them, I would love one. I can’t tell how many you’ve sent out. Thanks!


        • Tony B

          Could you send me an invite please.


          Tony B

    • Jack Dawson

      my email .Thank you

      • shockersh

        @Jack – Invite Sent! Please donate invites below if you can.

    • Peter

      Would love an invite please.


      • Cori

        @Peter – Invited

    • Aryeh

      Can you please send me an invite! – email

      • Cori

        @Aryeh – Invited

    • Jason Smith

      I’d love an invite and appreciate the hookup. – email

      • Cori

        @Jason – Invite made! Plz help invite.

      • Orlando

        I could use an invite if any are available.

        My email is:

    • reid

      I would really appreciate an invite!!

      • Cori

        @Reid – Invite sent! Plz help invite.

  3. groovinJackman

    I’m only giving away four. I need to reserve some for emergencies. Like if I need to bribe a mafia member or something. The mob likes music, right?

    Anyhoozit, just let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

  4. acupunc

    I have 8 that I can give away :)

    • Rayn

      I would like one :)

      • MrGroove

        What is your email address?

      • Donald

        Can I have an invite please?

    • thehall24

      • acupunc

        sent you the invitation

        fyi, google music manager not the best. Make sure all files are tagged properly with a modern tagger ;)

    • limerockcodger

      Love an invite. thks in advance

      dlm at

      • acupunc


    • blrm71

      Can I get an invite? Thanks!

    • blrm71

      Can I get an invite? Thanks!

    • Elliot

      Can I have an invite if you have any left?

  5. Denis Brown

    I’d love an invite – dangerous.den at

    Many thanks

    • acupunc

      sent you one

    • Denis Brown

      I thought that I could use a proxy to get around the US Only thing, but it isn’t working. Please reissue the invite to someone more deserving. Sorry to waste an invite.

      • MrGroove

        Once the invite is sent, it’s gone. No way to re-issue the invite to anyone……

  6. Trey

    I would love to get an invite as well please.

    • acupunc

      you should have it now

  7. Jack Dawson

    I have 8 invite.Request away!

    • Robert

      i think i should have put my gmail address.


      • Jack Dawson


    • Rachel

      I’d love one!!!

      • Jack Dawson


    • Raymond

      Invite plz. Thanks!

      • Jack Dawson


    • Jason

      Can I have an invite as well?

      • Jack Dawson


    • Lance

      Hi, can u invite me?? plzzz


      • Jack Dawson


    • Danny

      I would love an invite please :)

      • Jack Dawson

        0 invited remaining :(

    • Kevin

      Hi, I would love an invite. Been trying at this thing a while now. Appreciate it!

  8. Marsha

    I would be very grateful for an invite. Thanks so much!

    • MrGroove

      @Marsh – Invited!

  9. sam

    i would love a invite..

    thanks a lot people.


    • Danny

      Invited! :) have a nice day

  10. Ben

    looking for an invite as well!

    • Danny

      There you go!

  11. Danny

    An invite would make my day :)


  12. Eaton

    I would appreciate an invite SOOOO much!
    Thanks :)

    • Danny


  13. Jack Dawson

    Use tunnelbear to reg google music if you not in US

  14. Marsha

    Happy September, everyone! I have FOUR Google Music invites to share!

  15. ben
    still looking for an invite please!

    • Danny

      There you go, invited!

    • Mike

      Danny, do you have one more?

      • Danny

        Yeah man, what’s your email?

  16. Matt

    Would love an invite!

    Thanks! Cannot wait to spread out my invites when I’m in

    • Danny

      There you go! :)

  17. Stephanie

    If anyone still has invites, I’d love one!

    • Danny

      Here you go! enjoy

      • Stephanie

        Thanks so much!

  18. Stephanie

    Thanks to Danny, I’m in and I’ve got 8 to share if anyone would like!

    • Larry

      Love to get an invite. Is this black tie?

  19. Roxy

    I’d love one too and will be sure to donate any invites that I receive upon signing up – thank you!

    • MrGroove

      @Roxy – Done! Invite sent. Enjoy.

      4 invites left now.

      • Roxy

        Thank you!!! I have 8 invites in my account now too for donation.

        • Gianni

          Invite me Please

          • shockersh

            Done – Enjoy the invite! If you can, donate a few of your invites here as well!


        • Jugular

          I would love an invite, please!
          mihocik at

          Thank you! Much appreciated!

          • Stephanie

            Done! Enjoy! :)

          • Matt G

            any left? I’ll donate all I have for one.


        • Larry

          Me, too, please. (I think my earlier request was overlooked.)

          • Stephanie

            Done! Enjoy it!

    • Curtis

      Any chance I could get one as well? I will donate all the ones I get once i setup my account. Email addy is at or gmail address cdashworth


      • MrGroove

        Hi Curtis – There ya go – invited. If you can help me with invites, that would be great.

        • Curtis

          THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I got my invite and am uploading music now!! As soon as I get some invites, I will be inviting more people and getting them in on this too! I cant wait! WOOHOOO!! You guys are awesome!!

  20. Guri

    Invite me Please my add is Thank…

    • Stephanie

      Done! Have fun! :)

  21. Craig Cordell

    Would like one too if someone has a spare.

    Many thanks.

    • Stephanie

      All done! Enjoy it!

  22. Jeroen

    I would like an invite! Thanks! (repost because poster I replyed to only had 4 invites left)

    • Stephanie

      Ok, done! Have fun!

  23. Dan B

    If anybody has a spare invite I would be really grateful for one, e-mail is Danspam at

    Thanks ever so much


    • shockersh

      What is your GMAIL address? Your in the USA right?

  24. Dan B

    sorry gmail is Dandandandaman74 at

    • shockersh

      Invite sent!

  25. Eduado Stein

    please invite me :)

    I live in USA

    • shockersh

      @Eduado – Invite sent!

  26. Jaseem

    I need an invite too..

    • MrGroove

      Hi Jaseem – Invite sent. If you can help with invites that would be great!

  27. Luis O. Thomaz

    Please, can anyone invite me? It would be nice to get into Google Music.


    • Luis O. Thomaz

      I forgot to add this to the post, but, yeah, i’m in USA.

    • Stephanie

      Done, Luis! Have fun!

  28. Dan B

    Hi all for some reason I didn’t get the previous invite, if someone could send me one I would be really grateful


    • acupunc

      sorry, but I can’t get that url to work properly.

  29. haydoni

    my gmail is andyhayden1, I’ll give back 6 of 8 invites. thanks!

    • acupunc

      I sent you one

    • ToXiC0

      my gmail is toxicpublic, I’ll also give back 6 out of 8 invites.

      • MrGroove

        Hi Toxic – Invite sent. Plz help with some of the invites. Thnx!

    • bhizzle101

      I’ll give back 6/8 as well

      • MrGroove

        There ya go Bhizzle! Thanks

    • marie miller


      If any of you have invites left I’d love to have one. I won’t need the invites I’ll be given so I’ll have 8 to pass forward. Thanks

      thanks again.

      • MrGroove

        @Marie – Invite sent. Help to invite if you can.

        • marie miller


  30. mary

    I would love a google music Invite, Im in the US
    thanks ahead of time

    • MrGroove

      @Mary – There ya go. Help with invites if you can.

  31. Dan B

    Hi Sorry about this I am not having much luck, not sure why the link didn’t work. I have set up a new gmail account so I can just post it fully on here, (I dont want my real one to be spammed). It would make my day if someone could give me an invite.



  32. tome

    would love a invite –

    thanks – will give back 8/8

    • MrGroove

      Sent – I’m all out of invite now so plz invite a few from the comments.

  33. Bryan Hilton

    Would love an invite as well, will give back 6/8

    • Cori

      @Bryan – Invited. Help me invite! :)

  34. Joel

    I’d love an invite as well! I’ll give back 6 of the 8. Also I have US spotify open invites I can share in return

    • bhizzle101

      What’s your email – i’ll trade u for a spotify invite, Thx

  35. Alejandro

    May I please have an invite? Will pay it forward for sure! My e-mail is:

    • groovinJackman


    • Cori

      @Brett – Invite sent.

  36. Somone235

    Invite please, thanks.

    • Cori

      @Someone – Invite Sent – Plz help invite.

  37. MusicFiend

    Invite please – I can give back 6/8.


    • Cori

      @MusicFiend – Invite sent! Enjoy!

  38. joe

    Please I’d love an invite. I will pay 6/8 forward here.

    • Cori

      @Joe – You got my last invite.

      Thanks everyone!

      • joe

        Thank you so much I will be on here after work to pay forward.

  39. niceguystan

    I am in the US. I agree to share all of my invites if some can invite me please :-)

    My secured email is

    • bhizzle101

      There ya go Stan! Please Help Share!

  40. p3pp3r

    Invite would be nice, will pass one along!

    • bhizzle101

      gotcha! help invite some peeps if you can~

  41. leadedblowfish

    would love an invite please!

    • bhizzle101

      gotcha – help invite some more if you can!

  42. Daniel

    I really would like an invite. I will pay it forward here!
    Thank you so much:

    • Peter

      @Daniel. Invited.

  43. Andrea

    I’d love an invite

    Will give back 7. Thank You :)


    • Peter

      @Andrea. Invited. Please pay it forward.

      • Andrea

        Thanks! I’m sending some now.

    • Albert

      Invite please, thanks Albert


      • marie miller

        @Albert. Sent. Enjoy.

        • Albert

          Got it, thank you!

  44. Surdamo

    • Peter

      @Surdamo. Invited.

  45. Gary

    An invite would be great if anyone has any left!


    Will be able to give back 5 of 8

  46. Slimy

    Me, tooo pleaseees

    Thank you.

    • Andrea

      Invitation sent! Enjoy and pay it forward

  47. elmrmoo

    I’d love an invite!


    • Gary


  48. Brian

    I would love an invite, use all google suite for everything!! Please set me up – Would greatly appreciate it!

    • Gary


  49. Mike

    I would like an invite if anyone has any left :)


    • Surdamo


  50. Ken

    Me too please!

    • Surdamo


  51. Ugur

    I’d like an invite, too :)


    • Surdamo

      Inv sent

  52. Thesauce05 If I could get one that’d be great. Will donate some of mine as well.

    • Surdamo

      Invite sent

  53. Sabo

    Anyone have an extra invite, please

    • marie miller

      sent. enjoy.

      • Sabo

        thanks Marie!!

  54. Chris Topher


    • marie miller

      done. enjoy.

  55. Marshall Young

    If anyone has an extra invite, please

    Thanks in advance!!

    • marie miller

      marshall. It’s in the mail!

  56. Chris Topher

    Thanks Marie!!!! I’ll be passing on some goodness to 8 others!

  57. Gaurav

    plz invite (:

    • Sabo


    • Gaurav

      10x got invitation (:

  58. vinodipendente

    Please share an invite, thanks!

    • Sabo

      sending one your way

  59. William
    Please may I have an invite

    • Sabo


  60. Alec

    Please send me an invite!

  61. zach

    plz plz plz invite!! i will forever love you :)

    • Sabo

      coming your way

  62. Brian

  63. Floyd Earl Smith

    I got my invite in minutes. Thanks so much!

  64. nathan

    ahhh sorry, i was asking for an invite to google music!
    much appreciated!

    • nathan lee

      got it! sending now

  65. Matt

    Anyone has an invite for me around here? thanks a lot! i’ll give my invites here!

    • nathan lee

      here ya go

  66. Joey

    I don’t know who all got one and who didn’t. I’ll give an invite to the first 5 people to reply to this comment. I’ll come back and do more when I get some.

  67. ryan

    ill take an invite please ;)

    • Ben

      Just sent:-)

      • GBPF

        If per chance you had another invite, I would greatly appreciate it.

        I will gladly start a new post to share 7 back to everyone here (just 1 is reserved for a family member.

        • Nick

          just sent!

    • ryan

      got it thank you!!!

  68. Smoto
    Can you send me invite ? :)

    • Nick

      just sent one!

  69. Aravind

    I badly need an invite pls…….
    thanx in Advance! :)

    • Nick

      consider it done!

      • Kit

        Hey Nick – do you have another one? I’d be mucho appreciative.

        • Nick


          • Aravind

            :) :) Thanx So Much Buddy! …………. OOoo-eeee I a’int gonna Shut down my comp from now on……MUUUUSSICCC <3

      • Ken

        Hey Nick,

        you got another one? :) Staking out my sony tablet s so would love to use it for that


      • Dave

        Are there more available? It would be very much appreciated.

  70. Ken

    Hello there

    Getting read to buy a sony tablet s to go with my nexus s so would love an invite :)


    • Joey

      Here you go Ken.

      • Ken


        passing on the love so if anyone needs an invite add a reply here and i’ll help out. got 5 left

        • scott

          Ken – do you have anymore, I would appreciate it…thanks

  71. Tiberius

    I would like an invite please.. Anyone??


    • Joey

      You got one.

    • Joey

      You got my last one.

      • leo


  72. Dave

    I would love one if anyone has extras.

    • Ken

      Invite sent, enjoy blowing yr broadband connection up for a few days :)

      • Dave

        thanks muchly!

  73. Jan-Hendrik

    I would love to try it. If anyone could share an invite that would be awesome!

    • Ken

      sorted :)

      • Jan-Hendrik

        Awesome! Thx

  74. john

    please send me an invite, too

    • Ken


    • erin

      please send invite @ejsj420

  75. dia4eye

    I have 2 invites I will donate.

    • Kevin

      Dia4eye, I have been waiting for an invite for a while now. I would greatly appreciate one!

      • dia4eye

        Done. Enjoy.

        That’s it from me, friends.

        • Kevin

          Thank you so much. My bandwith is screwed for the next ten days at least! I have over 13,000 songs from more than 700 cds that I collected over my lifetime that are currently uploading. This thing is the greatest.

      • Kevin

        I just got an invite. Don’t send me one. Thanks.

  76. erin

    Dia4eye please send invite to @ejsj420

    • dia4eye


  77. erin

    And thank you

  78. dia4eye

    done, my pleasure.

  79. SWIM

    Think it’s possible to propagate these invites with a string of email accounts?

  80. tech-nausea

    promise to share some back, thanks

  81. TiffStylz

    Does anyone have an extra invite? i wouldnt mine sharing the 8 i get. thanks.

    • Kevin

      Hi Tiffstylz: just sent you an invite. Enjoy. My bandwith is shot for the next 10 days. I have over 13,000 songs uploading. I also uploaded to my android already. Love this App.

      • Simon

        Hi Kevin,

        You wouldn’t happen to have a spare invite? I will certainly share my 8.


        • Kevin

          Enjoy Simon. Make sure to share. I am thoroughly enjoying mine. I gave away two here so far and a couple to personal friends and family. I will check back in a few days. Tech-nausea gets my last one if he answers my e-mail today.

  82. tiffstylz

    Thanks Kevin. As soon as I get to a computer I will be accepting request.


      promise to share some back, thanks

      • Kevin

        check your in box @ dwood address. It’s there.

  83. Simon

    Where did my comment go? Well again; I got 8 fresh invites (thanks to Kevin) waiting to be redeemed!

    • Emre

      invite me pls

      cagri.emre.yildiz at

      • Simon

        7 remaining

      • Emre

        Now i can invite 4

    • Period

      Please invite…

  84. Period

    Now spreading invites..

    Thanks to Simon

  85. TiffStylz

    i have invites.

  86. mike

    I’d love one, thanks!

    • Simon

      4 remaining

    • Simon

      3 remaining

      • Alberto

        Hi Mike, do you still have invites left?

        Thank you!

      • Eric

        If you still have any left, I’d love one.

        • Lam

          Hey, Eric, I just sent you one.

      • Eric

        If you still have any left, I’d love one.

      • Zach Lym

        Hey Simon, if you still have any of those three invites left, shoot one over to -thanks!

      • Zach Lym

        Testing (tried to respond to Simon directly, but post ended up as a new comment!)

      • Josh

        I’d love an invite. Thanks


        • Josh

          I noticed auto correct created a typo in my scrim…


          • Jordan Austin

            Josh, it’s sent. Enjoy!

          • Josh

            I got it! scanning music now! Thanks. I will check it out and see if I can offer up a few invites…

          • Donald

            Tom, sent one your way. Enjoy. That is from my alternate email, not my real one, and had to create a new account to get more. Hope you enjoy, and please let everyone know you received it, so they don’t lose precious invites on someone that has one. Have fun.

          • RJ

            Do you have any invites left? If so, please send one to

          • Victor

            if u still have an invite i would be glad to get one


          • james

            Hi victor, have sent you an invite, have 7 invites left if anyone interested :)

          • alyssa

   Please invite me

          • james

            Hi have sent you an invite, 6 more invites left :)

          • Markus

            Sent me an invite, please!

          • james

            Hi will send you an Invite now, Have fun :)

          • james

            There you go Markus, Invite on it’s way :)

    • Simon

      2 remaining

  87. Aldur

    I have 8 too.

  88. TiffStylz

    I have 5 Remaining.

  89. Henry W

    Now I have 4 left!

    Anyone need an invite?

    • Latrese Jefferson

      Please send me an invite!!! Thanks a bunch

      • Henry W

        Please include your email so i can send it.

        I’m going in the car for a few hours, so won’t be able to respond for awhile.. I can actually do it if you email me with your email. Mine is

        • Latrese Jefferson

          i sent you a email henry…again thank you

    • Jon

      Can you invite me?

    • Jorge

      Hi, can you send me an invitation? I sent you an email. Thanks

      • Brad

        Jorge, if you haven’t gotten one yet, send me another email and include your address. Thanks

  90. Simon

    And…. I’m out :)

  91. Brad

    I have 4 invites left.

    • Eddie

      do you happen to have any invites left?
      if so here is my email

      • Lam

        Hey, there, I just sent you an invite. [7 remaining]

        • Jim

          Lam, I’d appreciate an invite if you’ve got any left.

          • Lam

            Jim, I sent you one.

        • R. James

          Can I have 1 Lam.


          • Lam

            R. James, I sent you one.

        • Mike

          Could you send me one? and could you email me at and then I’ll send you my real email from there so I don’t get spammed.

          • Lam

            Mike, if I send an invite to your alternate email address, you can use an invite from your alternate email address to invite your main email address. That way I won’t be using two of my invites on you.

            I sent you an invite, by the way. [4 remaining]

          • jaime

            Hey, Can you please send me an invite. Here’s my email

          • Donald


            Sent you one. Enjoy.

          • Abhi

            Don, can you send me an invite please? Thanks


          • Donald

            Abhi, sent you one.

          • jpgalaxys2

            If you have any more, I would love you get one.


          • Donald

            jpgalaxys2, sent you one.

          • Donald

            Here is the scorecard for my donations so far.

            18 – Number of invites I have sent
            3 – Number who received invites that said ‘Thank You’
            2 – Number who received from me and decided to share on groovypost

            Wow. Why do I keep sharing?

            But thanks to Steve Krause for groovyPost and putting this up. And thanks Steve for the kudos in the post above. That meant a lot. I am glad I found your site, and will be hanging around here more.

          • Nate

            Hi Donald,

            Would love to get an invite if you still have more. I will share the love here.

          • Donald

            Nate, Sent your way. Enjoy it.

          • Donald

            Okay guys, still giving… I recharged.

          • Angie

            I would like an invite too!


          • Donald

            Angie, sent you one. Enjoy.

          • Bobby

            Hi, could you please send me an invite? I’d love to try it out. Many thanks for supplying the invites to me and the others you helped out!


          • Donald

            Bobby, I would send you one but you have to give me a place to send it. It doesn’t get stored in your ID pic.

          • jpgalaxys2

            My posts keep getting deleted.

            Thank you Donald, it is very much appreciated.

            I have invites to share as well now. Please let me know if you need one and I will do my best to get one to you.

          • Donald

            jpgalaxy2, i got plenty. I have been giving, and appreciate the thanks. few have even given me that… that alone is apppreciated. that was me that gave you yours, though it probably gave you a wierd name. I have jumped thru hoops to give you all invites… call me old fashioned, but I think when someone does all of that, a thanks is in order, lol.

          • Paul

            My last post has been deleted, too. So I’m trying it once more… I would like an invite, too, please.


          • Donald

            Paul, sent you an invite. Enjoy.

          • Bjoern

            Hi Donald, thanks, got your invite. Unfortunately GMusic doesn’t let me in because I already requested an invite from Google. So I will have to be patient and wait for the offical one. But thanks anyway!

          • Robert

            It would be greatly appreciated if you sent me one. TY

          • J. Hall

            I’m not sure if you have any left, but I would be thankful and gladly hand out the invites I get in return… Thanks!


            – J. Hall

          • Dave T

            Lam, If you have any invites left that you would be willing to share, I would be most grateful, my email is:

          • Lam

            Dave T, I sent you an invitation. [2 remaining]

          • Marc

            @Lam If you have an invite left it would be apprecitaed

          • Marc

            I no longer need an invite, please do not waste one on me. Thank you.

          • Jessica

            I would also love an invite if there are any left. Thanks!!

          • Dave T

            Jessica, sent you an invite

          • Jessica

            Thanks, Dave!

            I have 6 invites, if anyone is interested please let me know.

          • Kanji

            I would like an invite Jessica!

            Please and thank you!


          • Jessica

            I have sent your invite. Enjoy!

          • Pootie

            Jessica, would like an invite too please, thanks!


          • Kanji


            Thank you very much!

          • Tom


            Please let me in ;)

          • kalyan

            @Tom – Invite sent

          • Ken

            I would love a invite

          • Louis


            If you received any invites can you send me one. Thank you

          • Kalyan Gudivada

            @Louis – sent

          • Rob

            one for me please ;-)

            thx Rob

          • Bob

            If you have any left, I would really love an invite!



          • Justin

            I’ve got 6 invites to give out now that Nate sent me one. 1st come, 1st served. Good luck and enjoy!

            – Justin

          • Gr

            Could I have one of those invites?

          • Justin

            Sent… 1 down, 5 to go!

          • Richard

            May I please get one?

            Thanks in advance!

          • Justin


            2 down, but only 2 left… Some friends got a hold of me on FB, so if I’m sending please continue to spread a couple of your invites around here. Thanks!

          • Rudy

            Hi Justin,

            could you please send an invitation to me, too?



          • Justin

            @Rudy, I just sent yours too.

            3 down, 1 left!

          • Steve

            Any invites left Justin or Rudy? Thanks!



          • Justin

            Last one just went to you Steve… Good luck to all! Spread the love!

            – J. Hall

          • Rudy

            Very many thanks, Justin! I have just started spreading the love :)

          • Justin

            Nice work Rudy… This things pretty cool. Let’s get it out to the masses!

            – Justin

          • Richard M Dilly

            I would really like an invite and will pass mine on here. Thx a ton.

            bigfin at g mail dot com

          • Taylor

            Hey Rudy,

            Any chance I could get an invite? It would be greatly appreciated!



          • Rudy

            Hi Taylor,

            I have sent you one! 4 invitations left…

          • Richard M Dilly

            Hey Rudy… can I get one?


          • Richard M Dilly

            Thanks for the invite Rudy!!!! Anyone want one post on here and I will pass out what I have when I get them.

          • James Ferguson

            Hey Rudy, I would love an invite, I will gladly pass along invites.



          • James Ferguson

            Thanks Rudy, I have at the moment (4) four invites to pass forward, maybe more if a few very close friends do not want them.

          • JD

            Would love one. Please email Thank you,


          • James Ferguson

            JD, your invite has been sent.
            (3) three invitations left

          • Dave Stewart

            I would love an invite as well! Please send to


          • James Ferguson

            Dave Stewart your invite has been sent.

          • Ron J

            James — please send one my way. — thank you very much!

          • James Ferguson

            Ron J, your invite has been sent, I believe I have one (1) invite left.

          • Matt

            James – would very much appreciate an invite.
            Thanks very much.


          • James Ferguson

            Matt, invite sent, that does it for me.
            Thanks again!

          • Jeremy

            Hi James,
            I would love an invite if you have one.



          • Ben

            Hi Rudy – please, please, please could you send me an invite –

            Many thanks,


          • Rudy

            Hi Ben,

            there you gou.

          • RP

            Hi Rudy, please invite me!!!


            Thank you!!

          • Dan Whitman

            Rudy, I would very much appreciate an invite. Thanks! Dan W.


          • Richard M Dilly

            Hey Taylor… can I get one?


          • Ben

            Hi Kalyan – not sure if you have any invites left, please could I have one if you do? – thanks, Ben

          • Al

            Hey Kanji. Would you hook me up. Thanks

          • Flipper

            Hey Kanji, if you got the invite from Jessica and have some of your own, let me know, thanks!

          • kalyan

            @Flipper – Invite sent

          • Justin

            If you’ve got any more, I would like to try it out.. thanks!


            – Justin

          • GR

            Could I have an invite, if there are any remaining?

          • lucky

            Jessica, I would like an invite,too.

          • Kristofer

            Jessica, I would like also like an invite.


          • Steeven

            My post somehow went to the wrong Jessica, but if you still have an invite I’ll gladly take it


          • Misodoctakleidist


            Can I have an invite if you have any left?


          • Jeff


            Could I get an invite Please

          • Jeff

            I think I messed up. Any invites left?


          • Matt


            Snce the replies aren’t threaded it’s hard to track how many of your invites you’ve handed out, but if you have any left, I’d love one, please.


          • Kalyan Gudivada

            Hi Jessica

            could you please send an invitation to me? not sure if its too late :?


          • Michael

            If you have ny more invites I would appreciate one. Thanks

          • David

            Jessica, I would love an invite, if you have any left.

          • Nephi

            David would like an invitation if you have one left?

          • Roy

            I would like an invitation if someone can spare one…

            Thank you in advance,


          • kalyan

            @Roy – invite sent

          • kalyan

            @Nephi- Invite sent

          • Dave T

            Thanks Lam!!

          • Chris D

            I’ve lost all track of who has what, do you have any left?

  92. Mike

    I have 4 invites to pass out, just email me at
    Again make sure you are in the US or else it’s just wasted

  93. Dave

    Thanks for the invite. I have 8 available.

  94. dr hoyer

    Hey all, got the invite, thanks a bunch! Still willing to give out any G+ invites tho, I have unlimited. Just send me your email and I’ll send out invites tomorrow AM.

    • Period

      Hi. I wouldn’t mind a google+ invite. Please send to

      Thanks a lot!!

  95. Brandon

    Could use a google music invite. Thanks in advance!

  96. Kevin

    I have 8 invites…leave your email and I will send it ;)

    • Gabe

      I’d love an invite…

      • Kevin

        on it’s way ;)

    • Neotorin

      Please Invite me, Thanks in advance!!
      Email address encoded in this link.

      • Anders

        Invite sent ;)

  97. dr hoyer

    Again, I need emails for Google plus invite – also, admins want to move this elsewhere? I don’t wanna clog this up with people wanting G+

  98. Richard

    Richard Google Music invitation please thanks

  99. Anders

    Hi Kevin! Any invites left? I’d love to have one.
    Thanks in advance.

  100. Dima

    I need an invite!

  101. Anders

    Hi everyone.

    I’m having 5 invites for you, so please leave your email if you want one.

  102. Celeste

    Does anyone have any music invites left? I have plenty of google+, if you want one.

  103. Celeste

    I don’t think anyone sent one to me- My post is showing up a few levels higher.

    My email is

    Thank you!

  104. Glenn

    Does anyone have anymore invites? :( I’d love one if any are available!

  105. Davra

    If anyone has invites left, I’d love to get one please ;)

  106. Magico

    Hi there,

    I would like a Google Music Invite. My email is


  107. Alberto

    I´ve got 8 invites… Bring it on peeps!

  108. alex

    i’d love to get an invite!

  109. Upquark

    Great initiative!

    Thank you very much!

  110. Allan

    Please invite me :) thx.

  111. kenundrem

    any invites left? I read the rules and followed the blog but I see nobody with an open invite tag still so if anyone has one I would greatly appreciate it and return the invites I get to the group…

    my email thank you!

  112. Mat

    I have 3 I’ll donate to this groovy cause. Assuming people still want them. That’s right, I got 3 Google Music invites for ya! Just in case you miss it, here’s mine.

    • Jaime

      Hey Matt, please send me one. Thanks!

      • Mat

        Don’t you need a gmail address? I sent it to the one you posted, but if it doesn’t work that’s probably why.

        2 left

        • Jaime

          I got it, thanks!

      • Eddie

        if you have any left could you please send one to me

    • chirsyr

      Could you please give me an invite? Thank you very very much.

      • Mat Lee

        Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to this, things been crazy. Sent you one. That leaves me one more, so I’ll send it to the next in line. Thanks!

    • Allan please invite me :)

      Thanks i wil invite once i get mine.
      I invited like 100 ppl on day 4 of G+ limited private beta. ^_^

      • Mat Lee

        Ok, done and done. That’s it, I’m out. I hope you guys share back, and look me up if you’re on google+.

  113. Mat

    So I think I did that wrong, but two left. And please correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need a gmail account to send the invite to? Or is it open to all addresses?

    • Jaime

      It works for all email addresses, thankfully! Thanks again, man!

      • Mat

        Awesome, good to know. Thank you. Share back if you can!

  114. MitchLW

    Hello, I am still looking for an invite.

  115. Jordan Austin

    Okay, please, please follow the four simple rules in the intro of this article that Steve set. I can’t give out any invites to people who aren’t following those rules. I am trying to help as many of you as possible so I have am giving away all eight (8) of my invites. Please post in reply to this for yours. Again follow the rules. If at all possible please Facebook Like, Tweet, Stumble or Google+ this!

    Thanks guys!

    • Jordan Austin

      Okay, two gone six left. Please remember follow the rules and you’ll get one quickly.

      • Jordan Austin

        If I doubled up on someone who already got one please share the love. I’ve send ones to Beau, Eddie & Eric.

      • Rebecca

        Spare any more?

  116. Beau

    I have four invites that I can share right away — thanks Jordan. First four to reply get one. Email me here:

    • Beau

      My invites are gone and I’ve asked the invitees to post here to share.

      • Steve Krause

        Thank you for sharing Beau!

  117. MitchLW

    Thanks for the invite,

    meanwhile i have 4 invites left,

  118. Rebecca

    Thank you Mitch, you rock! Alright, I’ve got 5 to donate, first to reply get ’em!

    • GregB

      Rebecca, I already asked Mitch but I didn’t realize you posted more recently. An invite would be awesome!

  119. Zach Lym

    I got my invite, requests?

  120. Jordan Austin

    I think I might have missed a few requests for invites. If I missed you please let me know. I only have 2 invites left however.

    But keep following the rules, everyone has been doing awesome!

    • Gsweater

      Jordan, I’d love one if you have one available! Thanks!

      • Jordan Austin


      • Gsweater

        You rock Jordan. I’ll post my extras now. Have a great weekend!

  121. Gsweater

    6 invites to share :)

    • Donald

      I would love an invite. crazyman254 at Thanks.

      • Gsweater


    • Andrew

      Yes, please.

      • Gsweater

        On it’s way.

  122. Josh

    I got mine on here last night. So now I am paying it forward..I have 3 invites. let me know if you need one…

    • Donald

      Josh, thanks, I got one, but now I got 4 to donate. Who needs one? This is getting confusing because no one is updating when they get one. Ask for it on this thread, or ask me directly and I will send.

      Thanks to all, you guys are great.

      • Jon

        Do you have on left?

        If so please send me one at

        • Donald

          Jon, sent you one. Sorry for the delay. Had to set up a new account to get more. I am trying to fill as fast as I can. Enjoy… and please let everyone know so they don’t send an extra needlessly… They cannot be forwarded to someone else, only the real email recipient… Have fun.

      • Lam

        Hey, do you mind sending me an invite? I’d like to get started using Google Music.

        Thank you in advance!

        • Donald

          Lam, sent one your way. Sorry it took so long. Had to set up a new account to get new invites. I got it working. Enjoy. Let everyone know you got it.

          • Lam

            Donald, thank you.

      • Donald

        John and Lam, I am working on it. I am down to 2, and Google is proving to be very fickle about me regenerating more. They seem to detect I have open requests.

        It is getting hard to track any of this because people are not following the rules. I even messed up myself, because I was not familira with…. please follow his rules, and all of you that are taking these all for yourself, share back… it’s only right for us taking time to give one to you…

        • Lam

          Donald, thank you for looking into the matter.

          From what I read, it seems that each person gets eight invites; I will share those with others if I’m able to get into the beta.

    • Steve Krause

      Thanks @Josh!

  123. Mash

    Appreciate if I can get one invite :-)

    Thanks a ton!

    • Gsweater

      Sent. Enjoy.

  124. Donald

    Mash, sorry it took me so long, but sent one your way… Enjoy.

    • Zach

      Could I have an invite if you have any left, please? :)

      • Donald

        Zach, sent one your way. Enjoy.

        • Jon

          Could i have an invite please

          • Justice King

            Hey fag. You might want to read the instructions. How the fuck is someone going to send you an invite if you don’t leave a fucking email address? Dipshit.

          • Donald

            If you don’t like the rules on his blog, don’t reply on it and don’t expect one of us to send an invitation. Even I messed it up but still got an invite, and I am sharing left and right. Plain and simple. I have shared 14 of these so far. He did it for a reason. Read the rules.

          • Donald

            That being said, I will try to get more if I have missed anyone. Just wanted to reply to someone that attacked our host for all this because he didn’t like the rules. I will try to respond tomorrow to new requests.

          • Ben

            Thank you in advance for sending me one if you have it to share. I will reciprocate for others.

          • sebbbbb

            ok I’ll send you an invitation

          • James

            Hey sebbbbb, how about sending one my way please, thank you very much, I appreciate it! I’ll be sure to share my invites here as well.


            Thanks again!

          • Bryan


            I would LOVE an invite if you still have any. Thanks!


          • Ben

            I have recieved mine, posted that I had invites available, and have now given away a bunch from my account and from my wife’s. I’m all out now. Thank you.

          • MTII

            Shoot me an email and Ill send you one

        • Jab00

          Hey Donald (or anyone who sees this) I would really appreciate an invite if you could!

          • Jab00

            Ahh sorry had the wrong… now its correct

          • Donald

            Jab00, sent you one from an alternate account. Please reply back when you get it. Hope you enjoy.

        • Tom

          If you could spare an invite, it would most appreciated!

      • Jonathan

        if you have any invites left if you can send one my way it will be very appreciated!

  125. Ricky

    I would like an invite :)

    • Donald

      Ricky, sent one your way. Enjoy.

  126. Zach

    If any are left

    • Gsweater

      Sent one over :)

  127. Benjamin

    Donald, not sure if you’ve got any more, but I’d sure love one if you do, thanks!

    • Donald

      Benjamin, sent you one. Enjoy.

  128. Benjamin

    Thanks for the invite Donald! I’m now uploading my music. Now I’ve got some invites for whoever needs them.

    • Chuck

      I’d really like an invite to gMusic!

  129. Stephen

    If you have any extra invites, I could use one. Thanks!

    • Donald

      Stephen, sent you one. Have fun!

  130. MTII


    I would love an invite if any one has one left:)

    • Gsweater

      Done. Enjoy :)

  131. Aaron

    An invite would be awesome if someone has it left aig787 at gmail

    • MTII

      Invite Sent

  132. Jonathan

    I would like an invite please

  133. JJ

    I would like to have an invite!

    Thank you in advance!!!

    • Donald

      Sent you one JJ. Please let everyone know you got it so they don’t sent another one. Hope you enjoy, Sent from my alternate email, so it doesn’t say Donald.

  134. Steve Machado

    Invite Req:

  135. Donald

    Ok, I am done for the evening. This takes hours. I can try to recharge and get some more tomorrow. You who got one (and I hope I got as many as I can covered) be grateful. I am a generous person, and like to give back… Please start new posts (on this thread) if I left you out. I didn’t mean to. Sometimes this blog puts it as a new thread even when you click on the correct “reply” box. If I missed you on this run sorry. I will try more tomorrow, but I do have to work also…

    • Jonathan

      If you can send me an invite that would be greatly appreciated!

      • Donald

        Johnathan, you will get one more for the evening. I have to save my others to create more… Enjoy… Everyone, I am OUT for tonight… Will start again tomorrow.

    • Steve Krause

      Your rockin Donald! Thank you from the groovyCommunity!


      • Donald


        That means a lot coming from the blogmaster himself. My pleasure. Someone was kind enough to help me out so I am glad I can give back. Hope to have some more to fill requests shortly.



  136. jigawatts

    Hi guys, thanks to MTII, I have 7 invites available to share. Send me an email and I’ll send an invite.

  137. Jason


    If anyone happens to still have an invite that they can send to me that would be appreciated. Just got my first android smartphone (HTC Sensation 4G) and this would be pretty cool to have.


    • Jigawatts

      Just sent your invite Jason, 5 left.

  138. Matthewrcks11

    I would like to contribute some invites but I’m not invited, could anyone spare an invite?

    • Donald

      Sent you one. Enjoy.

  139. ZDK

    if possible could you spare me one of those invites…would gladly appreciate it
    Thanks in advance

    • Lam

      I sent you an invite, ZDK.

      Please do your part and contribute to this thread; I feel that people are abusing this thread for their own selfishness.

      Donald has been creating alternate accounts just to give you guys invites…

  140. Sam

    Like to request an invite please, my email below, much appreciated.

    • Donald


      Sent you one. Enjoy, and please share.


  141. Sam

    Like to request an invite please, email below, much appreciated.

    • Donald

      duplicate post. Sent one… see above.

  142. Donald

    jpgalaxy2, Sent one… see post below….

  143. jpgalaxys2

    Thank you Donald!

    I have 8 invites to give out :)

  144. Bjoern

    Hi Donald, do you have an invite left? I know, it’s not for UK, but I know what to do with VPNs…

    My email:

    I’m going to offer then my 8 invites here, too, this page is very good idea!

    • Donald

      Bjoern, Sennt you an invite. Enjoy.

  145. mezzamorphis

    Oops, an e-mail address would probably help…

  146. mezzamorphis

    Oops – forgot the e-mail address…

    • Donald

      mezzamorphis, I will be happy to send an invite, but your email address is in the UK. Google Music beta only works in the US at this time. Do you have a way to access it? Let me know and I will send. It doens’t let you take an invite back if it doesn’t work. I will reserve one for you just in case.

    • Donald

      Sorry, missed your VPN comment above. Sending one your way.

  147. crwbl – Invite please? Will share mine if you give me one! :D

    • Donald

      crwbl, sent you an invite. Enjoy.

  148. Ansh Singh

    Hey could someone please send me an invite !!! Thanks appreciated !!

    • Donald

      Ansh Singh, you did not provide a place to send the invite or I would.

  149. Ansh Singh Please send an invite thanks !!

  150. Angie


    Thanks Donald!

  151. Dave T

    I have invites available [7 left]

  152. Marc

    I no longer need an invite. Please do not waste it one me.

  153. Nate

    Thanks Donald. I have a few invites to give if anyone wants.

  154. Anton

    Hello! I’m would an invite, too, please.

  155. Dru

    Jessica, could I please get an invite?

    Thank You!

  156. Dru

    Thanks Jessica! I have 4 invites, who needs em?

  157. Pootie

    I would like an invite Jessica, please! =)

  158. Pootie

    I would also like an invite please Jessica. Thanks!

  159. Robert

    @jessica I received an email Jessica but no invite. Can you resend? TY in advance


  160. kiwi

    I would like an invite Jessica!
    Please and thank you!

  161. Bobby

    Sry forgot my email :

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Donald

      Bobby, sent you one… Enjoy.

  162. Donald

    I am retiring from the Google Music donations for the time being. It was fun. Thanks to all of you that actually shared. I ended up donating 25 invites… A few said thanks (and I don’t count thanks in advance, or hit and run) and a few donated back (come on, all of you can spare at least 1). Out of those I donated to that shared, several are sharing, so they had better luck than I did. Signing out… peace, and enjoy Google Music beta.

  163. Max

    I’d like an invite if possible.


  164. kiwi

    Can I get an invite? Thanks!

  165. Jessica

    I think I got all of the new requests and am now all out of invites. Enjoy!

    • kiwi

      Thank you!

  166. Steeven

    Hey Jessica, I’d love an invite if you still have one (that is, if I can count correctly).

    • kiwi

      Sennt you an invite. Enjoy.

      • Rita

        @ Kiwi. If you still have more invites, I would love one as well. Thank you :)

        • kiwi

 – “Not Found: That ID is not in our database.”

          • Rita

            I’m so sorry! I typed an extra letter. The correct address is:

            Thanks again!

          • kiwi


          • Rita

            Thank you very much!

  167. Afrotec

    @Kiwi, if you have any more invitations to share, I’d love to receive one. I’m more than willing to share with others as well.

    • kiwi

      Sent you an invite

  168. Rita

    I have 6 invitations. Please let me know if you would like one.

    • Misodoctakleidist

      Could you send me one please, Rita?

      • Rita


        • Misodoctakleidist

          Thanks Rita.

    • Matt


      If you have any left, I’d be grateful. Thx.

    • Luke

      If you have any invites left could you send one my way please?

  169. Nik

    Anyone have an invite to spare?

    Thanks so much!

    • kiwi

      Sent you invite. That is all.

  170. jsh

    Need an invite please.thanks

  171. Dennis

    Has anyone got an invite left?


  172. Bjoern

    Finally I got my invite by Google themselves and I’m now able to give away 8 invites right now. Who wants?

  173. saltcreep

    Does anybody have any invites left? It looks like @Jessica should be out. but if anyone else has one. I will share the invites I get in return.

  174. Antony

    People, could I get an invite, please?

  175. Nick

    I would love an invite if you have one to spare.
    Thanks a lot!

  176. jack

    would love one if anyone has one and is feeling generous. thanks

  177. Bjoern


    sent you an invite. Enjoy, it’s fabulous!

  178. jfang

    If anyone has an invite left could I get one please? Thanks a lot!

  179. chris

    can anyone give me an invite please?

  180. Mike

    If you have any more invites I would appreciate one. Thanks

  181. chris

    If there are any more invites out there i would be very greatful for one

  182. Tom

    Please if anyone has an Invite left… will share mine then

  183. Al
    Hey Jessica, If you don’t mind I would love one as well. Thanks

  184. Shawn Clifford

    I would love a Music invite!

    I’m dying for it! Please and Thanks! :D

  185. Jake

    Does anyone have any invites left? I would love one and greatly appreciate it if so.



  186. Danny

    If anyone has gotten an invite from Jessica and would like to pass one on, I would appreciate one. Thanks guys, lets get as many readers involved as possible!

  187. Kyle

    I have 6 invitations if anyone is still in need.


  188. Andres Cabral


    I would like an invite please and thank you i will donate 5 if i get the invite,

    Thank You

  189. kalyan

    invite sent

  190. kalyan

    @Pootie – cannot find ur email id

  191. kalyan

    i have 5 more invitations left, let me know if anyone need .

  192. Jake C


    Could i please get one of those five invites that you have left?

    • Kalyan Gudivada

      @Jake C – invitation sent

  193. Phil

    I’d love an invite if anyone’s still got one.


  194. Phil

    I’d love an invite if someone’s still got one spare.

    Many thanks!

    • Kalyan Gudivada

      @Phil – Invitation sent

  195. Curt

    Please invite me!!!

    Thank you

    • Kalyan Gudivada

      @Curt – sent

  196. Rasmus

    if anyone has an invitation left, i’d be very happy to help you get rid of it :D

    • Kalyan Gudivada

      @Rasmus – sent

  197. Kalyan Gudivada

    @Ken -sent

  198. Kalyan Gudivada

    I don’t have any invitations left. I am done

  199. Ken

    Thank you @Kalyan

  200. Louis

    Thank you very much

  201. Chris D

    if anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it

  202. dvdik

    I’d love to have one.
    Thank you

  203. Anita

    one for me please

  204. Anita

    I would like one as well please if you have any left:


  205. Charlie

    Please send me an invite. Thank you very much.


  206. Charlie

    please send me an invite.

    thank you so much.

  207. Super Arsha

    someone show me love please

    I need a invite :(

  208. Dan

    Hi Kalyan,

    Not sure if you used up your allotment, but if you have one to spare it would be greatly appreciated here. TIA

  209. mirofular

    I’d love to check out the service as well.
    Anyone kind enough to invite a total stranger? :)

  210. Justin

    I’ll take one if you’ve got an extra… Thanks!

    – Justin

  211. crooner

    Hi Kaylan,

    If you, or anyone else, has a google music invite, I would truly appreciate it if you would send me one. Thank you.


  212. Steve

    Would like one also. Much appreciated! Will donate back asap.


    Do you still have any invites left? I would appreciate an invite.

  214. Justin

    I have 6 invites to give after Nate generously sent one my way. 1st come, 1st served. Good luck!

  215. Steve

    Still need one

    Thanks in advance!

  216. dvdik

    If you still have one, please
    Thank you

  217. J D

    Please send an invite to


  218. Dan

    Nice to see some coming around. Looks like Justin’s might be gone. Any chance Rudy or GR, or any of the other lucky recipients can send one this way?

    Thanks if you can!

  219. Taylor

    Any chance I could get an invite? It would be greatly appreciated!


  220. Jason

    Hey all, any more invites going out? If so, I’d like one :-) Thanks to whatever kind soul helps me out!


  221. Rudy

    Hi guys,

    thanks to Justin, now I can invite 7 of you. Let me know if you are interested in it!

  222. Jason

    Thanks Rudy!!

    Now I’ve got 8 to go out, who wants em?

  223. Richard M Dilly

    I would really like an invite and will pass mine on here.

    bigfin at g mail dot com

  224. Richard M Dilly

    Rudy, Can I get one? I will pass them on.

  225. James Ferguson

    Hey Rudy, if you still have invites left, I would love to grab one.
    I will offer at least half of my invites below.


    fergff at gm ail dot com

  226. James Ferguson

    Hey Rudy, I would love an invite, I will gladly repay below.


  227. Rudy

    Invitations sent to Richard M Dilly and James Ferguson! 2 left.

  228. James Ferguson

    Thanks Rudy.

    I have (4) four invites at this time to share, maybe more later if a few very good friends do not want them.

  229. Richard M Dilly

    I have 4 left. Find my mail in the above posts and I will send them.

  230. Torben

    Please send me an invite.
    Thank you very much.

  231. John P.

    It would be great if I could have one invite. Thank you.

  232. Richard M Dilly

    I have a few left. Get ahold of me.




  234. Ben

    Thanks guys for sending me an invite. I now have 8 to share…


  235. John P.

    It would be great if someone could give me an invite. Thank you.

  236. James

    It would be great if someone could give me an invite.

    Thank you

  237. Mike

    What a great idea! I’ll be sure to share my invites here when I get them.

    For now, I could use one myself! :)


  238. Jeremy

    I would love an invite if anyone would be so kind.

  239. Rachael M

    Would love an invite ;o

    Thank you.

  240. Jeremy S

    Hi Ben,
    If you or anyone else has an invite left I would greatly appreciate it. Jdsmith444[at][gmail][dot][com]

  241. Dirk den Hartog

    I am in the Netherlands and would love an invite.

    Thanks in advance.


  242. Ben

    Thanks to Steve. Now I have 8 to offer. Email me and I’ll send you one.

    • Ben

      Update: I received an invite, gave one to my wife. so I had 15 to give away. I have given a bunch to friend and a bunch to those asking from here. They are all given at this point. Thanks for all who participated here and for the originator. Was cool.

      • Steve Krause

        @Ben – You’re welcome and thanks for helping out all the readers here!

        Welcome to groovyPost!

  243. Ben

    I have 8 now. Thanks Steve.

    • Jason

      Hi Ben,

      I’d love an invite if you have any of your 8 left.



      • Ben

        All out now

  244. Roozbeh

    Thanks for the invitation ! :)

  245. Nico would be very nice to have one! thx in advance

  246. James

    Could someone please invite me? If I get invited I’ll give my 8 away here. Thanks!

  247. Michael

    Not really following who has and who needs, but I will happily share if someone invites me.

  248. Joey

    If anyone has any left, I would greatlY appreciate one my email is

  249. sebbbbb

    Please send me invite to

    Thanks you very much

  250. sebbbbb

    James ok invitation sent

  251. sebbbbb

    James ok invitation sent .

  252. James

    Sweet, got my invite! I got my 8 to give away now to anyone who asks.

  253. James

    Orlando, I just sent you one. Thanks!

  254. Michael

    I have 8 now, thanks for the invite.

    Email me for yours.

    • Tom

      Please send an invite if you still have any, thanks

    • Drizz

      Do you have any invites left? If so I would greatly appreciate one. Thanks

  255. elia

    would love an invite and would be happy to share invitations when i can. Thank you for your time.

  256. freesofia

    Please send me an invite.
    Thank you very much.

    • Orlando

      Freesofia, Invite is sent.

      • nebur!

        Orlando you have any more? If so, I’ll take one please!

        • Orlando


          • Alex

            Is there any chance you have an invite left? I would greatly appreciate it if so.

  257. elia

    Id really appreciate an invite. I will be glad to share once i receive mine. thank you so much

  258. elia

    would greatly appreciate an invitation. i would be happy to share once received. thank you so much.

  259. Chris

    Does anyone still have an invite to share? I will definately repost my 8 if I am bestowed the responsibility.


  260. nebur!

    sebbbbb if you have an extra invite please share. I’ll share mine!


    • sebbbbb

      nebur it’s ok invite send to your mail

  261. Jack

    if anyone has an invite please send! Thanks a bunch!

  262. manlyman

    I could use one too!!

  263. AH

    Can I please have an invite, its driving me absolutely crazy trying to figure out how to get on this thing. Thanks.

    (Forgot to add my email in the last post)

  264. Chris

    Thanks to dirk for the invite! I actually received my official invite before i received it so it can be used on another person. I have 8 invites now. If you want one please reply to my post, not the entire post.

    Thanks STEVE for creating this donation page it was a great idea!

    • AH

      Can I please have one? Thanks

      • Chris

        Done! Enjoy!

    • Steve Krause

      @Chris – You’re very welcome! ;)

    • Alex

      It would be fantastic if you could send one my way as well Chris

      • Chris


        • Alex

          Got it! Thanks so much!

  265. Alex

    I have 7! Get ’em while they’re hot!

    • Drizz

      can i Please Have one. Thanks

    • Drizz

      Got the invite. Thanks so Much!! :)

    • Tyler

      Would love an invite, and will gladly donate any that i get.

    • Tyler

      Hey, got an invite. Have 4 to share… let me know!

      • Jason

        Hi Tyler, if you have any invites left I would appreciate a link very much! Once invited I will share 7 more with the forum.

        • Jason

          forgot my email…here it is:


          • Tyler

            Sent to your email Jason, have fun!

  266. Drizz

    Got some invites…Let me know if you Need one :)

  267. Jake

    If anyone has any invites left, I would love one! I’m really interested in this and will definitely pass it on!

  268. james

    Please could I have an invite if anyone has any left, will share the ones I get. Nany thanks

  269. Jason

    Thanks to Tyler, I have seven invites to give away. First come, first served, just reply to this post.

  270. james

    Hi Jason, if you have any spare invites please could I have one :) thanks

    • Bryan

      Sent one your way James

      • james

        Where would i find my invite, Tried logging on to and says user not invited. How long does it take to come through? Thanks again :)

  271. Bryan

    I have invites to give away. Thanks Drizz and Dirk!

    • Jake


      If you have any invites left, I would love one!

      Thanks a lot – Jake

    • Josh

      Bryan, you still have any invites? or anyone else?



    • Hawkwing

      If you have any invites left I’d really like one. Thanks

  272. james

    Thanks Bryan, will sort it out when I. Get home. Many thanks

  273. Beverly

    I would love an invite please! :) I will share.

  274. Beverly

    Got seven invites to share! :)

    • Beverly

      I’m not sure who invited me, but Thank You!! :)

    • Ness

      Beverly, if you have anymore may I please receive an invite:

      • Beverly

        In your Inbox! :)

    • Andrew

      Hey Beverly, Could you send me an invite? thanks!

    • Zac

      Really excited for this. Will share my invites.

    • Hawkwing

      Can I please have one invite if you have any left. Thanks

    • bloco-c

      I would love an invite, Beverly if you have any left? Thanks!

    • scott

      Please do you have any left, I will donate mine.

  275. Matt

    Would love to get an invite.


  276. james

    Works in the UK if you use Firefox with Foxyproxy add on and set a US Proxy :):):)

  277. Mak

    Sent me an invite, please!

  278. Dave M.

    Please send me an invite and I’ll paypal you $5:

    • Beverly

      No need for Paypal. Invite’s in your inbox. :)

  279. Matteo

    Invite me please:

    thanks in advance

  280. Alex

    Could I get an invite?

  281. Noah Cooper

    Please someone hook it up! I’ll return the favours.

    • Beverly

      Noah, We’ll need to know where to send it… :)

  282. Noah Cooper

  283. Emil

    please send an invite. :)

  284. Jake

    Could I get an invite please? :)

  285. Madgravity34

    Hey guys,

    I would really appreciate an invite and would gladly donate all of my invites to help spread the love!

    Much appreciated!

  286. Google fanboy

    Please send me an invite, anybody, thanks

  287. sreedhar

    hi ,

    plase send me invitation to

  288. Alex

    @Sreedhar I just sent you an invite

  289. wilblur

    Looking for an invite if anyone has one left

  290. maxf


    please send me an invite : maxfreeborn (at) gmail (dot) com

    I will dontate my 8 invites right back here. :)


    • maxf

      a bud beat you guys to the punch. i do have invites if you email me your email I can hook you up

      • bloco-c

        Hey maxf, my email is, would be great if you could send me an invite. Thanks

      • Jaren

        Hey Max (or anyone out there that has an extra google music invite).

        I’d welcome and appreciate an invite.



      • James

        Hi Max, I’d love an invite as well if you can swing it.


    • Jason L

      Hi Max – if you have any left I would appreciate an invite.


    • Jason L

      Hi Max – if you have any left I would appreciate an invite.


    • scott

      max – do you have anymore invites? Please send and I will donate once I get them.

  291. Matt

    Please send me an invite if anyone has one avail


  292. Matt

    Please send me an invite if anyone has one avail


  293. chris

    Would like to have an invite if anyone has one.

  294. Jevgenij B.

    Would like to have an invite if anyone has one.


  295. Jasper

    Can you please send me an invite? Thanks!

  296. Zane

    If you have a google music invite, please let me know. Thanks :)

  297. bloco-c

    Hi there everyone,

    I managed to get my invite from another source and I have 6 (SIX) invites to give out.
    I don’t know who above me has received an invite yet, so the FIRST 6 PEOPLE TO REPLY to me will get my invites.

    Then come back here and give out yours!

    You should also use to hide your email from evil bots…

    • Jevgenij B.

    • Scott

      Can yousend invite to me please…thanks!

      • bloco-c

        Surely! I need your email though – click on this link:, enter your email there and then reply to this comment with the new link they give you.

        …if that makes sense to you

  298. htedrom

    Hi Bloco, could you hook me up too? Would be much appreciated!

    Cheers! h

  299. NikolaR

    Hi, please send me an invitation, I will send all of mine to people on this thread as soon as I get access to it. Thank you very much.

    muzzjak at gmail dot com


  300. DanielR

    Hello, I am interested in an invite too, please. Thank you!

  301. bloco-c

    Only one invite remaining. It goes to Scott if he tells me his email before 5.30pm (9 hours). Otherwise, next reply will get it then.

  302. Matt

    Please invite me

  303. Matt

    Please invite me
    Thank youuuu

    • bloco-c

      Ok, got you too Matt. That’s me all out. Hopefully one of the above will offer theirs.

  304. Nick

    requesting an invite if anyone has any extras. I’ll make sure to offer my invitations if i receive one.

  305. Ian

    Hey, could I get an invite? As soon as I get accepted I’ll make sure to invite some other people!

  306. Jake

    If someone has a invite left, please let me know. ;)

    • Jake

      6 invites for you all!

      • Marco

        would really like an invite, please invite me

        • Jake


          • Joe Clement

            Please send along an invite…


            Joe C


          • Jake

            Done Joe! 4 left ;)

          • Joe Clement

            Thanks for the speedy invite Jake, greatly appreciated.

          • Hawkwing

            Hi I’d really like one invite


          • Rohan

            Hey Jake. Do you have any invites left? My email address is below if you do.

      • Mark

        Jake, willing to send one of those invites?

      • Marco

        Thanks Jake, appreciated

  307. Nephi

    I have 6 invites for whoever needs one

    • Hawkwing


      I’d really like one invite if you still have any.
      Thanks in advance.

      torbjorn.schon ^^at^^

      • Nephi

        youre welcome, sent invitation

    • lemay

      if you could please, i would love an invite.


      thank you all!

      • Nephi

        youre welcome, invitation sent

    • Elias

      thank you in advance! :)

      • Nephi

        you are very welcome, invitation sent

        • Elias

          Reply arrived, tahnk you very much!!! :)

    • Madgravity34

      Hey thanks in advance:

      • Nephi

        youre welcome in advance, invite sent

    • Bill Kruckenberger

      I’d love one if you still have one! Thanks!

    • Vic

      I would like a invite

  308. juno

    I would very much like an invitation please. I will hand all my invites out as well

  309. mark

    Can I get an invite too? Thexflames (at)gmail(.)com thanx

    • Elias

      You got a mail ;)

      • Mark

        thanx a lot man!!

  310. Sammy

    Can i please get an invite


    • Mark

      you got mail sammy

  311. Charlie

    Would really appreciate an invite !

    thanks !

    • Mark

      sent ya an invite…

  312. Jamiee

    Would also much appreciate a Invite :)

    • Mark

      you got mail ;D

  313. Mihail

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Mark

      you got mail =D

      • Mihail

        Thank you )

        • Gary

          Any invites left? I would apprectiate it. Didn’t see any replies to your comment yet. Thank you if you are able.

  314. Rohan

    Hey Mark. Do you have any invites left? My email address is below if you do.

  315. gotsthemoney

    Can I please get a Music invite?


    Thanks in advance!

  316. Connor F.

    Could I please get an invite? It would be greatly appreciated :)


  317. Jean-Simon

    Can I please get an invite !


    Thanks a lot

  318. Ju

    Get a Music invite ?
    Thankkkkkkks in advance !!


  319. david

    Can I please get an invite !
    Thanks a lot

  320. Jenny

    Would really appreciate an invite !

    thx very much

    • Gary

      Would like a google music invite please! Thank you if you are able!!

  321. Agon

    Please I’d like an Invitation.

  322. Daniel


    Thank you!

  323. Volodymyr

    Google Music invitation please!

  324. Volodymyr


  325. igor



  326. Volodymyr


    Thanks a lot

  327. Vicente

    Please I want an inivitation thx

  328. inviteless

    Could I have one?

    Thank you!

  329. Khalid

    Could anyone invite me please!

  330. Aron Stifani

    Can I please get an invite?

  331. shrinisudi

    Hey i really need one, can you please send me one.

  332. Alivx

    Hey i need invitation for google music

  333. Antony Kutcher

    please, send me invitation, thx :)

    • Steve Krause

      Hi Antony – Access into Google Music is actually 100% free for everyone now. No need for an invite. ;)

      • Mikael Jansson


        not for us in Sweden it´s not.

    • Mikael Jansson

      please send me an invite for poor me in sweden :)

      br Mikael

  334. Josh Meister

    I would appreciate an invite, and once invited I will be donating my invites to this site. Thank you.

  335. Josh Meister


    You DO NOT need an invite, CNET has a great “how to” document and it worked for me.

    Enjoy, and happy listening.

  336. Frank

    Hi! Can somebody send me an invite, please? I´m from Spain and here is imposible to get it…i will be very happy if someone can help me :) I will donate mines for who need it. THANKS!!

    my e-mail:

  337. Nikodim Szkorgia

    Please invite me guys! ;)

  338. Martin

    Are invites still available?

    I have a Google Music (Play) Account, but a few weeks ago i moved to Google Apps and there is no way to get in from Germany :(

  339. Troels Byskov

    Google Music invite please!
    Will be appreciated! :-)

  340. Troels Byskov

    Google Music invite please!
    Will be appreciated! :-)

  341. StrAngel

    I live in Norway and really want an invite. :)

    • Steve Krause

      I’m pretty sure Google Music is public now however…. Not sure if it’s in Norway yet… :(

  342. Sandra

    need a invitation to use google music outside usa

  343. yannick bisson

    Hello from Switzerland,

    I’d like very much to try Goggle music.


    • Steve Krause

      It’s open now to anyone as long as you are in the US. Not sure but Canada might also be able to register.

  344. Peter

    hello, I’m from Poland, I would like to try it’ cause I’m not able to sign up into google play in my area. My e-mail is Many thanx.

    • Steve Krause

      USA and Canada only for now I think

      • Peter

        I tought it could be easier:( Yesterday I’ve signed up to cloudaround service for especially music streaming but the google music is a little bit better IMO. Goshhh, if anyone from you living in US or Canada could sign me up into google music (my mail is, my pass I could send in private message) it would be great and the best gift from heaven….mayby dream come true…

  345. Shino

    plz invite me!

    • Steve Krause

      Invites are not used any longer actually. If it’s available in your area, you can just sign-up.

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