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groovyPost Google Music Beta Invite Donation

This morning I logged into my Google Music Beta account and discovered I had 8 invites I could send out.  This is a great sign because just a few weeks ago I had only 2 (and those went quickly…).  Now, since I know these invites are going to go quickly I thought I would start-up another donation thread asking all you groovyReaders out there to help me spread the invite love.

[learn_more caption=”Update – 9/13/2011″ state=”open”]Because people are not reading the rules, the comments section has turned into an unorganized mess…

In order to get the donation thread back up and running again, I just nuked about 100 comments. So, please read the rules before posting your email address. The key – you must reply to a person offering invites.

Do not just post your email address or I’ll nuke it. Again, read the rules before posting your email address. Thanks everyone![/learn_more]

Now, before everyone starts posting “INVITE ME!!! INVITE ME!!!”, please read the 4 simple rules below:

Donation / Invite Rules

Having done this several times in the past for Google Voice, Google Wave etc….  If the rules are not followed the comments section will quickly turn into an unmanageable mess where no one will be able to get an invite.  With this in mind, please follow the simple rules below.

Step 1 – Help spread the word by Clicking the Tweet, Like or Google+ button the left.  You can’t miss it.

Step 2 – If you have Google Music Invites, please leave a comment listing how many you will be donating to groovyPost readers.

Step 3 – If you need an invite and your located in the USA, please reply to the person donating invites providing them with your email address. I reccomend using a service like to protect your email address from SPAM Bots. Additionally, it appears that those who are invited are given 8 invites right from the start. Please consider donating these invites down below in the comments.

Note – If 3 invites are being donated and 8 people have already replied asking for invites, please DON’T reply asking to be invited.  It’s simple math…

Step 4 – The person donating the Invites will send an invite to the first people to reply to their comment.  If something doesn’t work out and he has more invites, they should post a new comment listing how many invites they will be donating.

If everyone follows these simple steps, we should have plenty of invites to get everyone in Google Music just like my previous Google Voice Invite Donation groovyPost.

Everyone set?  Sound like a plan?  Perfect – I’ll start things off with the first comment below donating my 8 invites.

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