How to Find and Share Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

There’s no hiding your secret music habits from Spotify Wrapped 2021. If you want to see what songs and artists you’ve loved in 2021, check out this guide.

We’re closing in on the new year, which means that Spotify is ready with Spotify Wrapped 2021. Wrapped is an annual feature from the music streaming service that shows you what you’ve been listening to all year. It includes the songs, artists, genres, podcasts, listening stats, and more—all wrapped up in a virtual bow.

If you’re curious to know how to find your Spotify Wrapped 2021 info, you can follow these steps. If you run into issues after following the steps below, check out our tutorial on resolving issues with Spotify Wrapped.

What Is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped takes a look at your listening habits over the past year. It’s an often surprising overview of the songs you’ve loved, the artists you’ve binged, and the podcasts you’ve been addicted to.

Like all streaming services, Spotify is carefully collecting data on your habits—this is what Spotify Wrapped is all about. You get to see your favorite genres, artists, and songs over the past year.

You’ll need to be a Spotify subscriber to see your individual stats and view other Wrapped features. You’ll also need to install the Spotify app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device, as you can only view your individual Spotify Wrapped story on a mobile device. Other features, such as your curated Top Songs playlist, are available on desktop devices.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can check out the Spotify Wrapped 2021 website for a generalized look at some of the top podcasts, music, and artists on Spotify over the last year.

How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

If you’re curious to find your own Spotify Wrapped 2021 data, you’ll need to follow these steps. You’ll need to make sure you’ve installed the Spotify app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device. Unfortunately, desktop users can’t view this data.

To find your Spotify Wrapped 2021 story:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your phone or tablet and sign in.
  2. The Your 2021 Wrapped option should greet you as you launch the app—tap on it.
    Launch Spotify Wrapped
  3. If you don’t see it, tap Search, then type spotify:Special:2021 to access it.
    Search Spotify Wrapped
  4. Your Spotify Wrapped 2021 information will appear—tap to cycle through each section (and turn your volume up).
    Spotify Wrapped Data Cards

Deciphering Your Story

Unlike previous years, your Spotify Wrapped data for 2021 is only available for view as an Instagram-style story in the Spotify app itself. You’ll see different cards, showing you more about the music and podcasts you enjoyed in the last year.

It’ll also give you other snippets of interesting information, such as the total number of minutes you listened to Spotify in 2021, and how that compares to other listeners in your country.

You’ll also see the bands and artists you listened to the most, your top songs, favorite genres, and more. You can tap the arrow buttons on either side of a card to move forward or go back to a previous card.

How to Share Your Spotify Wrapped Story

You can also quickly share your Spotify Wrapped story online using your mobile device’s share methods.

To share your Spotify Wrapped story:

  1. Open the Spotify app and tap Home.
  2. Tap your Spotify Wrapped 2021 story to view it.
  3. Tap to skip the first story card. On the second, tap Share this story at the bottom.
  4. Pick a method (eg. SMS, social media, etc) to share your story.

Share this Story Spotify Wrapped

Other Spotify Wrapped Features

There are a number of other really interesting Spotify Wrapped 2021 features you can view and enjoy, too. We’ve outlined a few of them below.

Your Top Story 2021 Playlist

One feature worth checking out is Your Top Songs 2021. It’s a curated playlist of the top 100 songs you’ve been listening to in 2021.

Once you’ve viewed your Spotify Wrapped 2021 story, this playlist should appear in the Home menu of the Spotify app in the Your 2021 Wrapped section.

It works like any other playlist you’d listen to on Spotify—just select it, then press Play. You can also tap the heart icon to add it to your favorite playlists. This’ll allow you to listen to it later on all of your Spotify devices.

Top Songs 2021

Your Artists Revealed

Another year-end feature is Your Artists Revealed. It’s a Spotify Wrapped presentation of songs and interviews from the artists you listened to the most in 2021.

You can listen to this by tapping the playlist icon in the Your 2021 Wrapped section in the Spotify Home menu.

Your Artists Revealed Spotify

Blend Playlists

Fancy sharing your 2021 music habits with a friend? You might want to give the Blend feature a try. This creates a new playlist that takes some of your favorite songs from the past year and combines them with your friend’s favorite songs.

To create a Spotify Blend playlist, head to the Home tab in the Spotify app, then press Your 2021 in review.

Scroll down to the 2021 Wrapped: Blend section, then tap Create a Blend. You’ll need to invite another user—tap Invite to do this, then copy or share your invite link to another Spotify user using your device’s share options.

Creating a Spotify Wrapped 2021 Blend Playlist

Once the other user accepts your invite, a curated playlist will appear with the best (and worst) songs from your joint 2021 streaming habits.

How to Fix Spotify Wrapped 2021 Crashing or Not Working

The Spotify Wrapped 2021 rollout hasn’t been perfect this year. For some users, the data is still impossible to view. This is because the app crashes when some users try to view their Spotify Wrapped 2021 story.

If your Spotify Wrapped 2021 story is crashing or not working in some way, here are some possible fixes you can try:

  • Clear Spotify’s app cache. Clearing Spotify’s app data cache could help to fix a broken Spotify Wrapped 2021 story. In the Spotify app, press Settings Storage Delete Cache (or Settings > Delete Cache, depending on the device).
  • Update Spotify. Check your device’s app store for any available updates for the Spotify app. If it’s out of date, it may not support the feature. Spotify may also release an update to fix this specific problem in the future.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app. You could also try deleting and reinstalling the app on your device to fix the problem. Visit your device’s app store to do this.
  • Try the mobile browser player. Spotify has a web player with limited functionality for mobile devices. You won’t be able to view your Wrapped story this way, but you should be able to play your Top Songs 2021 playlist.
  • Check for support updates. If you’re still having trouble, check Spotify’s Twitter support page for any further information. You can also contact Spotify directly for specific advice.

Unfortunately, Spotify Wrapped 2021 won’t work for everyone. If you’ve only listened to a few artists or songs this year, there may not be enough data on your account to create it.

If that’s the case, you better get listening—Spotify Wrapped 2022 is only a year away!

Review Your Listening Habits with Spotify Wrapped

The Spotify Wrapped 2021 feature is a lot of fun. The songs and artists you’ve been listening to over the past year might be a surprise—good or bad! If your Spotify Wrapped 2021 isn’t loading, however, it could point to a bug in Spotify’s app, so check for new app updates and keep an eye on Spotify’s social media channels for further advice.

New users to Spotify might be interested in changing your playlist pictures. If you want to clear your Spotify song recommendations, but don’t want to lose your curated playlists, you can always transfer your Spotify playlists to a new account.

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