How to Download Songs on Tidal

How to Download Songs on Tidal

If you have a limited data plan or will travel to locations without internet, you might want to download songs on Tidal. Here’s how.

Tidal is a high-quality streaming network that includes many features of the other services. For example, one feature is the ability to download songs on Tidal, like using Apple Music offline.

If you expect to travel to a location with shoddy Wi-Fi or data connectivity, you might want to download songs first. You can download songs to listen to later when there’s no internet connectivity, and you want to listen while offline.

In addition, you might want to download music so the streaming doesn’t eat into your limited data plan. Whatever the reason, we’ll show you how to download music so you can listen to your favorite tracks later.

Download Songs on Tidal on Your Phone or Tablet

If you want to download songs on Tidal for offline listening, the process is straightforward using the following steps.

  1. Launch Tidal on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. launch tidal on iPhone
  2. Search for the song, playlist, or album you want to download, or select something from your Tidal tidal mobile app
  3. Once you find the music you want, tap the Download button under the Play and Shuffle button playlist tidal app
  4. The Added to download queue notification will appear on the screen, letting you know the music will download to your phone or tablet.added to download queue notification
  5. Tap the Download button a second time to stop the music from downloading to your device — tap Remove from the menu that appears.remove song from download tidal
  6. You will see a Removed from downloaded content notification message.removed from downloaded content notification tidal

Find and Play Your Downloaded Songs

Once you have downloaded music to your phone or tablet, you will need to know where to find them to play while offline.

  1. Launch Tidal on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.profile icon tidal iphone
  3. Scroll up the list and tap Downloads from the menu.downloads tidal list
  4. The list of music you’ve downloaded will appear on the screen. To listen, tap the playlist, song, or album like you do when listening to streaming music.downloaded content playlists tidal
  5. It’s worth noting that when you select music, you will know it’s been downloaded by the blue Downloaded button.profile icon tidal iphone

Remove Songs from the Downloaded List

If your phone is starting to fill up or you want to get rid of songs, you can.

  1. Tap the blue Downloaded button.tap downloaded button
  2. Select the Remove button when the menu appears on the screen.remove song from download tidal
  3. The Removed from downloaded content notification will appear on the screen when removed.removed from downloaded content

Manage Download Settings

When it comes to downloading music to your phone, there are some settings to be aware of that you might want to adjust.

  1. Launch Tidal on your phone and select the Home button.home button tidal
  2. Tap Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner.settings tidal
  3. Select the Downloads option from the menu.downloads settings
  4. Here, you can change audio and video download quality, download over mobile, restore offline content, and delete all downloaded content.downloads settings on tidal

Downloading Songs on Tidal

There are important reasons to download music on Tidal. For example, since the high-quality nature of the streaming service uses a lot of data, you may want to download music while on Wi-Fi. That can help avoid overage fees if you are on a limited data plan.

It’s another reason you need to know how to clear Tidal’s cache on Android to fix issues and free up space on your phone.

Even with an unlimited data plan, downloading music on Tidal is a great solution when traveling to regions with limited or no internet data connectivity. Downloading music just takes a couple of taps using the above steps.

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