How To Add Google Calendar Events in Windows 8 Calendar App

Full sync support for Google Calendar has been disabled in the Windows 8 Calendar app update. If you want your Google Calendar events to display in the Calendar app, here’s a work around.

When Microsoft updated its Calendar app recently, the team took out full sync support for Google Calendar events. If you’re using Google Calendar and Windows 8 / RT and want your events to show up in the Calendar app, and calendar, here’s the work around.

Export Google Calendar(s)

The first thing you’ll need to do is log in to your Google account and export the calendar(s) you want to display in the Windows Calendar app. Click the dropdown arrow next to My Calendars and then Settings.

My Calendar Settings

On the next page click the Export Calendars link. You calendars will be downloaded in .ICS format in a zip file, extract the .ICS file to a convenient location on your computer.

Export Calendars

Import Google Calendars to

Sign in to your account, and click the down arrow next to the Outlook logo.

Outlook Menu

Then Select the Calendar Tile.


You should already have the new Calendar UI — Microsoft started rolling it out a couple weeks ago – click Import at the top.


Now select if you want to import your Google calendar to a new Calendar or an existing one. Click Choose File and navigate to the Google .ICS file you exported. Here you have a couple other options for preventing duplicates and Reminders. Click Import.

Import Google Calendar

After the file is imported, you’ll see your Google Calendar events in your Calendar.

Calendar Events

And in your Windows 8 / RT Calendar app.

Calendar App Windows RT

Note: This is not a syncing solution. Importing your Google ICS file into allows you to see what’s already in your Google Calendar. You can still make changes to existing Google Calendar events, and those will sync throughout the Windows 8/RT Calendar app and Calendar. But, anything added to your Google Calendar won’t show up in the Calendar app.
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