How to Delete a Group on Facebook

Facebook groups are a great way to organize events, arrange meet-ups and interact with a group of likeminded people.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t be problematic. You might be dealing with abusive members, or you’ve simply run out of steam. After some time, a group may have served its purpose, with comments and messages drying up.

If you’re the creator of a Facebook group, and you’re looking to close it, you can. It’s an easy process to delete a Facebook group on your PC, as well as using the Facebook app on mobile devices. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

How to Delete a Group on New Facebook

If you’re using the new Facebook interface, then you’ll need to follow the instructions below to delete a group.

Start by clicking Groups on the left-hand side of the Facebook homepage.

Groups category on the new Facebook

Under the Groups you manage section, click on the group you’re looking to delete.

A Facebook group

Underneath the name of your group, click the Members link.

Members of a Facebook group

You’ll need to remove every member from the group before you can delete it. To do this, click the three dots menu icon next to a members name.

Facebook three-dots menu icon

From the drop-down menu, click the Remove member option.

Removing a Facebook group member

Repeat this for every member of the group. This may take some time, especially for larger groups.

Once this is done, click the three dots menu icon next to your own name. From the menu, click Leave Group.

Leaving a Facebook group

Click Leave Group again to confirm. A Facebook group requires at least one member to remain active.

Once you’ve left the group, the group will be deleted.

How to Delete a Group on Classic Facebook

If you’re still using the classic Facebook interface, the instructions are slightly different. To start, click Groups on the left-hand side of the Facebook interface.

Facebook Groups link

Under the Groups you manage section, click on the group you want to delete.

Facebook Groups You Manage section

Click Members in the left-hand menu.

Facebook Group Members

To begin removing members, click the three-dots menu icon next to a group member’s name.

Facebook three-dots menu icon

Select Remove from Group, then click Confirm to confirm.

Facebook remove group member

Repeat this for each group member. Once you reach the final member (you), click the three-dots icon and click Leave Group.

Facebook Leave Group link

Click Leave and Delete to confirm your choice.

Once confirmed, the group will be deleted.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on Mobile Devices

If you’re using Facebook on a mobile device, you can access your group settings to delete a group by following these steps.

Start by tapping the menu icon in the top-right corner of the Facebook mobile app.

Facebook app menu icon

Select Groups from the menu.

Facebook app groups link

Tap the Groups tab, then select the group you want to delete under Groups you manage. 

Facebook app manage groups

Tap the arrow to access your group settings.

Facebook group menu arrow

Begin tapping each member’s name.

Facebook app Group Members

For each member, tap the cog icon and select Remove from Group.

Facebook app group member cogs icon

When you’ve removed all other members, tap yourself and select Leave Group.

Leaving a Facebook Group on mobile

Select Leave and Delete to confirm and delete the group from Facebook.

Take Control of Your Facebook Profile

Many of us have been using Facebook for years, but there may still be features and settings you’re unaware of.

For example, it’s an easy process to change your name on Facebook to give yourself a fresh start with a new name. You could take things further by creating your own Facebook avatar for your messages. You can also prepare for the worst by adding a Facebook legacy contact to give another user control of your account after you’re gone.

If you feel like your Facebook usage is getting out of hand, you can always learn how to use the Your Time on Facebook feature to keep things under control.

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