How to Control Your Roku from Your Apple Watch

Now you can remote control your Roku TV or device from your wrist when you have a lost remote emergency.

Losing the remote to your Roku device or TV is frustrating. The company has had its Roku app for iOS available for several years now. This comes in handy as one typically has their phone or iPad lying about. And the company recently added its Roku app to the app store for watchOS. This means, if you’re an Apple Watch owner, you can take control of the device from your wrist in a lost remote emergency.

Remote Control Roku from Apple Watch

To get started just install the Roku Remote app to your Apple Watch. If you’re running watchOS 6 or higher installing apps has become much easier. For more on that, check out our article on how to use the App Store on Apple Watch.

Since it has iPhone compatibility when you install the Roku Remote app on your Apple Watch it installs on your iPhone, too. And vice-versa. Also note that if you already have the app installed on your iPhone, you just need to update it to version 6.1.3 and it will appear on your watch.

If this is the first time you’re using the app, you will need to connect to your Roku device from the iPhone first.

Once that’s done you can start using your watch as a remote control for the Roku device.

Here is a list of all the Roku app on Apple Watch features according to the Roku blog:

  • Remote – Control your Roku device directly from Apple Watch. It’s the same easy to use remote from the mobile app – just sized for your wrist! Additionally, the circular crown on Apple Watch controls the volume.
  • Launch channels – Quickly launch channels on your TV with one tap of the watch screen. Channels are listed in order of most recently launched for your convenience.
  • Voice Search – Simply tap the voice icon in the app and say commands like “Launch Hulu,” “search for comedies,” “switch to HDMI 1” for your Roku TV, and much more. Available on select Roku devices and Roku TV models.
  • Remote finder – Lost your remote again? Use the Roku app for Apple Watch to signal your Roku remote and it will play an audible chime so you can find it in the couch cushions. Available on the Roku Ultra and select Roku TV models.

Summing Up

Now, just like using your Apple Watch to control Apple TV, you’re not going to want to use it as a full-time remote. Especially if you have a 38mm version of the watch. Still, it’s something you can use as a backup if you lose your main remote. Plus, it’s just a cool and geeky experience controlling your TV right from your wrist.

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