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How to Use Amazon Echo to Add Events to Google Calendar

The Amazon Echo smart speaker continues to gain new features on a regular basis. One of the new useful ones is the ability to add items to your Google Calendar by speaking to its built-in digital assistant called Alexa. Here’s a look at how to set it up.

Amazon Echo

Add Calendar Events via Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has been associated with Google Calendar since it came out. In fact, we showed you how to connect your Google Calendar to Amazon Echo, which is the first thing you’ll need to do to set things up.

Link Google Calendar Echo

You can link your Google Calendar from the Echo app which is available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire tablets, and there’s an Echo web interface as well.

Once you have your account linked, you’re now able to add items by saying: “Add event to my calendar” or to be more specific, you can say something like “Add meeting with the dev team to my calendar for Monday at 2 pm.”

There are a few of ways you can do it, and Alexa will talk you through it and confirm the event. Here’s a look at a few of the options from Amazon.

Echo Calendar tips

The Echo has been able to read back items on your calendar for a while already. You could always add items to it manually or by using Siri on your iPhone or Google Now on Android. Now that you can simply speak to your Echo to add items while at home or in your office makes things a lot easier.

This update will work with all of the Echo devices including the new Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.

Amazon’s Echo devices are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a new and popular tech term you’ve probably started to hear. If you’re interested in learning more about IoT, read our article: An Introduction of IoT and Why You Should Care.

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