List of Google Now Voice Commands

Google Now Commands

Google Now is the Android answer to Apple’s Siri voice command recognition and digital assistant. Here’s a full list of voice commands that the service currently recognizes.

Android 4.2.1 introduced a new version of Google Search that integrated with Google Now to bring native voice commands and search to Android. I’ve recently been testing it out via CyanogenMod 10.1 and found it would be helpful to compile a list of every command that Google Now recognizes. If you’re curious what all voice commands you can say, check out the full list below.

Before going into all the commands, I would like to mention that Google’s location service poses a huge threat to your privacy. You can disable the location service in your Android settings and Google’s voice commands will still work, however most Google Now cards will be deactivated along with it. Also, if location awareness is disabled you will need to state the city or location you want weather and other information for when speaking a command.

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Misc Commands

Voice CommandExample
Search for“Search for groovyPost “
What is / Who is“Who is Patrick Stewart?”
Who (verb; invented, created, discovered, married, wrote, won, produced)“Who invented electricity?”
Stock prices ofWhat is the current stock price of Google?”
Age of / How old“How old is Stan Lee”
How much“How much does Jared Fogle weigh?”
website URLOpen
Image search“Photos of sunrise in Hawaii”


Weather Commands

Voice CommandExample
WeatherWhat is the weather like outside?”
Weather in“Show me weather in Seattle, WA”
Do I need an umbrella“Will I need an umbrella today?
Will it snowWill it snow this week?”
Will it rain“Will it rain tomorrow?”
Should I wear a jacket“Do I need to wear a jacket?”
What’s the forecast“Show me the five day forecast”


Navigation & Travel

Voice CommandExample
Where isWhere is Mt. Rushmore?”
Where am I“Where am I located”
Navigate from <> to <>“Navigate from Seattle to Portland”
Directions from <> to <>Show me directions from Main st. to 1st street”
How far“How far away is the nearest Starbucks?”
Show me nearby“Show me all nearby restaurants”
Show me on foot / bike / car“How do I walk to the Lincoln Memorial?”
Flight status“When will flight 7710 land”



Voice CommandExample
Pi times“Solve pi times 5 squared”
Square root“What’s the square root of 625?”
Add, subtract, multiply, divide, percent“What is 8 * 4 + 1?”
ConvertConvert 8 grams to pounds”
What is weight“What is the mass of the earth?”


Time & Date

Voice CommandExample
Time inWhat time is it in Tokyo, Japan?”
Sunrise“When is sunrise in Washington DC?”
Sunset“When is sunset in Seattle, WA?
Time at homeWhat time is it at home?”
Time zone“What time zone is San Francisco in?”
Holidays“When is Thanksgiving?”
Movie times“Show me local movie times”



Voice CommandExample
Play“Play Keith Urban”
Listen to“Listen to dubstep”
YouTubeOpen YouTube Bed Intruder”


Alarm and Notes

Voice CommandExample
Note to selfNote to self, I’m super groovy”
Wake up“Wake me up in 8 hours”
Set alarm“Set alarm for 7:00am”
Remind inDinner in 1 hour”
Schedule“Schedule meeting on Thursday at 4pm about teacups”



Voice CommandExample
Call“Call grandma”
Send SMS“Send to Larry via text, you suck call me”
Email“Email Mrgroove, subject awesome, message I am awesome”

Special Commands

Voice CommandExample
Do a barrel roll“Do a barrel roll”
What the meaning of life the universe and everything else“What the meaning of life the universe and everything else?”


There are also a few other commands such as “Turn off WiFi” and “”Turn on Bluetooth” however those seem to only work with select devices, namely Nexus.

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1 Comment

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