Ask the Readers: Are You Sad to See XP Go?

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8th. Here’s an open post where we’d like to know your memories and thoughts about the 12 year old OS.

Microsoft is ending support for the Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 in seven days as of this writing – April 8th. The company is retiring the 12 year old operating system and putting the nail in the coffin.

XP Support Ending Soon

I had a lot of good and not so good times with XP. When it first came out I had horrendous driver issues and not to mention multiple Blue Screen’s of Death. Service Pack 1 addressed some of the issues, but there were still a lot of holes and vulnerabilities. Service Pack 2 did a good job of shoring things up at the time, however at that point I had already switched my browser to Firefox…I had actually switched to it before it even reached version 1.0. Then, when Service Pack 3 rolled out and update upon update (that usually broke something else) had been downloaded, it was a pretty solid system. It was also receiving new versions of Internet Explorer – which for me, at the time, I was working in IT for a Power Cooperative that used legacy business specific hardware and software (sigh). Also, I cannot count the number of hours I spent removing viruses, spyware, and reformatting drives that were at the point of return.

But on the personal level, I thought it was solid and a lot of fun to use. In fact, when Vista rolled out, being the early adopter geek I am, I jumped right into that. Well, I’ll save the long story and just simply say: I went back to XP within a month or so, and never did much with Vista.

As we say goodbye to Windows XP: Let us know your thoughts on the long lasting OS. What were the good times? What were the infuriating times? Will you miss XP, or have you moved on long ago and are running Windows 8.1 on all of your systems like me? Or some of you might have no intention of switching. I have a relative who is still rocking an ancient Windows 98 laptop!

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the end of Windows XP!

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  1. ChicagoMom

    I plan on staying with XP.

    My belief: If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

    Mine is not broke.
    It does everything I ask it to do.

    And after 8 years, it is still going strong.

    • Brian Burgess

      @ChicagoMom: My best advice is to upgrade sooner than later. While it might be working fine at the moment, Microsoft will no longer patch security holes and that will leave you vulnerable to attack.

      If you must stay with it, unplug it from the Internet and use it as a stand alone machine. Or at least have a strong antivirus program that offers real-time protection.

      It’s not like XP is going to just stop working on April 8th, and all of the sudden everyone’s computer will become infected. But I strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to Windows 7 at a minimum.

      For more, check out my other article on end of support, what it means, and your alternatives:

      In fact I am moving my Mom from her IBM Thinkpad running XP to a Chromebook.

      • watty

        sorry Brian but i like xp i will keep windows xp i wont buy win8 is shit and anyway i used windows 98 se with no longer for 4 years and no problems ok and i no more about pcs than you Brian

  2. Varun

    Hie, am a person with low vision. Took in long time to digest using Win 7 after using Xp for over a decade. IT was a night mare to move with having so much of GUI until I was forced to move on as part of OS upgrade from our company. I still love XP for multiple things especially for the upgrade to the hardware driver which was a boom in year 2000. I would still miss Xp however am way more happy with Win 7, for his enhances GUI and features.

  3. Joan

    I had so many problems with Internet Explorer I changed to Firefox, but still had issues with that browser. It made me switch from Windows to Apple devices and I’ve never looked back. Both Dell desktops running Widows XP will be trashed/recycled and will buy an iPad to replace them. Good riddance.

    • Steve Krause

      This is actually the path I’ve recommended for a few people (my wife included) who only use a computer for Email and Web Browsing. If that’s all you need, a tablet really works great. My wife also shops online (Amazon of course….) and she finds it just as easy to use her tablet as one of my laptops lying around the house (she actually says it’s easier).

      So yeah — understand 100%.

  4. Ron A

    Once Microsoft fixed XP (about a year before Vista came out) It worked well and I still find it very useful. It runs programs that Windows Seven and Eight will not.

    I only upgraded to Win 7 with the purchase of new PCs where it was already installed. Right now I have 3 PCs in my office:
    – One running XP (64) because it works well and runs software that Win 7 will not.
    – One running Win 7 that I use most of the time because it runs programs XP will not.
    – And a Laptop running Win 8. I only use it when away from my office and wish it had Win 7 or

    Microsoft could have enhanced XP to provide all the functionality found in Win 7, but there was not much profit in that. Better, in their minds, to make us all buy new machines with new software.

    With the loss of support, My XP machine will no longer hold any financial or personal information. I expect that it will be fine for game and hobby use where there will be no critical data for hackers to find.

  5. slavik

    My IT group “upgraded” my laptop to Win 7 yesterday morning. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning trying to resolve problems with software that worked fine.

    I am familiar with Win 7 because it is on my home laptop. But I have not been nor ever will be a fan. If they could give you an option to make it look and act like XP (like the classic view in XP) that would make me happy.

  6. R Smith

    I have enjoyed XP Pro over the years and wish it could have remained but, as long as there is no law for being greedy Microsoft will continue get away with their greedy ways.
    We can only hope that someday this type of practice will beccome illegal and possibibly a new company will arrise that will knock Microsoft out of the market.
    Now we are forced into “7” or ” 8.1″ that we will have to put up with and when MS finally gets most or all of the bugs out of these (at our expense) then MS will once again stab us in the back and we’ll be forced into some other pathetic program !!!!
    To whomever might push MS out of the market, I hope you come soon! I’m sick of “GATES”

    • Eric

      To R Smith, and many others who feel the same,

      Since Microsoft cut off new sales of Windows XP, or any of the many earlier versions of Windows over the years, there is no appreciable income for MS by continuing to support it/them. To troubleshoot and write code corrections (patches) to fix security and other issues requires a sizable staff which, of course, is quite costly to maintain. Hence the reason for a natural progression as we have seen to set an end date for active support on older versions of operating systems. Windows Vista support will end in 2017 and Windows 7 in 2020.

      I’m not a Microsoft shill or even an avid supporter, but I realize the financial impact that providing extended support for an obsoleted product will incur. It’s simply business, folks.

      After all, Windows XP has been supported longer than any other version of Windows so far. We’ve all had a good ride… but it’s time to let go and move on. Personally, I think Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with Windows 8 and I’m hoping, based on past behavior, that they will soon issue a more acceptable alternative (maybe Windows 9??). But I have no reason to believe Microsoft will fold back on their intent and start supporting Windows XP again in the general public world.

      Say a little prayer to Windows XP and move on to the next step hoping for something even better to happen next.

      Yeah, I repair computers for a living. I’m adept with almost any platform, but Windows still occupies the vast majority of computers in the world. Just like an auto mechanic might like to only work on Ferrari or Rolls, the bread and butter comes in the form of Fords and Chevy’s, so you have to stay current to what the majority want you to do for them.

      Time to move on. Don’t be stupid and get caught with whatever super-virus is waiting until 4/9 to release itself on your system. Back up NOW, and get off of Windows XP.

      In the immortal words of Stan Lee: “Nuff’ Said.”

    • B Douglas

      Unfortunately this isn’t a realistic view of the world. While I suppose you could argue that it is greedy for a company to pursue profit, I don’t really see how any company could operate any other way. Companies have to be profitable or they go out of business. If Microsoft goes out of business, support for XP will end anyway. Along with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Office, etc. etc. etc.

      If you don’t like Microsoft, you don’t have to buy their products. There are other alternatives out there including some free ones. Windows is not free. It never was, and likely never will be. If you want the functionality and style of Windows (and don’t want to be a thief) you have to pay for it. If you want the security of an up-to-date version of Windows, you have to pay for it. That’s business. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you upgrade. They are simply saying, “We cannot afford to continue providing updates for an operating system that we haven’t made any money off of for years. Continue using it at your own discretion and be aware of the risks.”

      Personally, I don’t think there is any comparison at all between Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows 7 is MILES ahead of XP in functionality and usability. And while Windows 8 (or 8.1) has some quirks, the improvements are there as well. I look forward eagerly to the next version of Windows and the improvements that will undoubtedly be in that version as well.

      (This is all admittedly from the perspective of an IT professional who can’t make it through the day without a fix of new technology. I’m sick. I know.)

  7. Elben

    I have switched to lubuntu (A linux distribution). I find it very good. For me it is faster than windows xp. It is very good for home use.

    • Steve Krause

      Thanks for the comment Elben. Moving over to a non-windows platform, what are you using the machine for primarily? What have been your largest challenges moving away from Windows?

  8. Ziggy

    Really, at the end of the day giving up on XP is like turfing your beloved vintage car for a brand spanking new sports car – just not the same, is it? The open roof, the wind in your hair, the roar of a v8. Need I go on… Then again, maybe I’ll settle for that new sports car – sick of losing my toupee in my open-top 60’sPorsche!

  9. Scott Stevens

    My father is 93 and has limited funds. Why should he have to buy a new laptop or a new operating system so he can read his email or send birthday cards to his friends he creates on a program that has 6 cds with the art and card program? It is very difficult for him to learn any kind of new program or system. He will probably have to simply quit emailing his friends and making those cards he so enjoys sharing.

    I am personally running Windows 7 on all my computers but I have the luxury of being able to afford new equipment and new operating systems AND being able to learn new interfaces. But frankly that is a very selfish way of thinking. I could live with older equipment and operating systems that I paid thousands of dollars for and have that money go to providing fresh water, medicines, food, disaster relief, education, and so much more to those less fortunate in the world.
    I don’t buy designer jeans for $100 or $200 when $35 jeans work just fine. Think about what that discretionary money could go towards. I also know of small businesses struggling to recover from a greed driven recession who need ever spare dollar to stay in business. I have helped Microsoft earn billions of dollars as a long-time user who started on an 8088 computer with DOS on a floppy drive. Microsoft could afford to maintain security on XP and STILL have earnings unheard of in past times.

  10. Anonymous XP User

    I have used Windows XP since when my computer was brand new so…. I couldn’t live without it. Windows 8 is not nice so thare’s no way I’m changing my computer to operate with that mode, no no. Windows 7’s better, although XP is the best…. I just wonder why they had to do this!!!

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