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Microsoft is Giving XP Users PCmover to Move Data to Windows 7 or 8

Microsoft recently made Laplink’s PCmover Express available for you to move your files, photos and other data on your XP to a modern version for free. Since support for the 12 year old version of Windows is ending on April 8th, you might want to make sure and get this done sooner than later.

If you’re not sure how to get your data over from your XP machine to Windows 7, I recommend taking Microsoft up on its offer. The program will also work with Windows 8.1, but if this is your main PC running XP, and you haven’t learned the nuances of the Modern Interface, you should definitely go with Windows 7. It will be much easier to grasp and not a jarring experience.

Migrate Docs, Pictures, Videos and More

First, make sure you have your XP and Windows 7 machines at the ready. Both need to be running and on the same network. Then on the XP and Windows 7 computers download and install PCmover Express. Installation is a piece of cake and there’s no toolbars or other crapware to worry about. If your computer is missing any component, the software will download it for you.

MS Visual C

The process is really quite easy – It’s all wizard based. It walks you through the process and allows you to select the data types you want to transfer.

Wizard based

While the process is easy and wizard based, every situation will be different and you might need help. Laplink is offering 24/7 support.

One caveat to the free express version is it will not migrate your applications. To have that ability you need to purchase the full version for $39.95. But honestly, you’re starting with a brand new machine, and you might consider getting new versions of software.

This is also a good time to take inventory of what you have installed, what you need and what you don’t. Also, check out Ninite as it makes installing free and Open Source apps easy and clean.

If you do have software that will only run on XP, check out our article on creating a Virtual Machine where you can put XP on it and run those apps.

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One Response to Microsoft is Giving XP Users PCmover to Move Data to Windows 7 or 8

  1. Robert April 1, 2014 at 6:28 am #

    Finally, MS is going to allow moving applications! The $39.95 is cheap when considering I have apps dating back to pre-XP days combined with applications that are much newer. For example, while I love my ACT application, only the Version 6 is cleanly designed and implemented (IMHO), and those original discs log ago went missing. Plus, I have simple word processing and data base management needs, and over the years developed an extensive macro-driven Q/A system. While the VM is workable, the idea of running all apps in the same partition is more appealing to me.

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