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Administer Privileged Shortcut Bypassing UAC

How to Create an Administrator Privileged Shortcut that Bypasses Windows UAC

Last week we learned how to create a discreet total-computer-history erase button using CCleaner.  The only problem was, when Windows launched the shortcut it caused the UAC (User Account Control) security window to pop-up.  Fortunately, Microsoft inadvertently included a way to bypass the UAC prompts if the shortcut is ran as an administrator Task.  Let’s […]

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10 Ways to Improve Performance on a Windows PC

A common question I receive via email (I get A LOT of emails so, please be patient I DO answer every email I receive) is “How can I speed up my computer?”  I also get the question regularly from my younger nephews and nieces “MrGROOVE, MrGROOVE! Make my video games go faster!!” Ok, I made […]

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