CCleaner for Mac: Easily Wipe History and Cache Making Your Mac Fast and Secure

CCleaner for Windows is by far the most popular freeware tool for cleaning browser history, cache, cookies, and application temporary files from your PC. Great news, Pirisoft, the makers of CCleaner has released a public beta for Mac. Here’s where you can download it and a quick first-look screenshot tour.

Visit the new CCleaner for MAC Download Page

ccleaner mac download

Once the download completes, install and launch CCleaner for Mac.

ccleaner mac install

CCleaner has always been easy to use and this new Beta version for the Mac is no exception. Jump between the Mac OS X or Applications Tab to decide what you want CCleaner to delete for you. Simply check and uncheck the apps or Mac files you don’t want permanently removed.

ccleaner Applications Menu

Before pressing the Clean button, Click the Analyze button to get a report of what CCleaner will delete for you.

ccleaner analyze

Review the data returned from the analysis and click Clean when ready.

Analysis report

Once CCleaner is done deleting all the files you’ve requested, it will give a nice breakdown of what it did.

clean report

In this beta version, the Tools options are fairly limited. I’m sure this will improve over time. For now, however, the only options available are to have CCleaner uninstall apps on your Mac for you. A great feature actually. Just Click the App and Click Uninstall.

ccleaner uninstall

CCleaner has always been one of my favorite freeware applications and I’m happy it’s now available on the Mac. It still has a little ways to go before it matches the Windows version feature-to-feature, however, I still highly recommend it for those who need to clean up their Mac improving both privacy and performance.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. skyrim

    December 29, 2011 at 2:13 am

    This article is very useful. I have used my Mac for years and did not notice my disk is consuming by the useless files. This article helped me much. I also found another free cleanup software MacCleaning. It is free and effective.

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