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Microsoft Snip: Annotate Screenshots with e-ink or Voice

Remember the Snipping Tool that was introduced in Windows Vista and 7? Yeah, nether do I. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly useful, and there were plenty of both free and paid alternatives for taking screenshots. But alongside the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is introducing a new tool called Snip. It takes a slightly different approach at taking screenshots, and is dramatically more powerful than the old Snipping Tool.

It allows annotations using e-ink and your voice. Here’s our first look at Microsoft Snip Preview and what it can do.

Download Microsoft Snip Microsoft Garage

If you’d like to try Snip for yourself, simply click this link or the screenshot below.


Snip Interface and Features

Launching Snip reveals an elegant menu that appears with a smooth animation, similar to the Xbox gaming menu in Windows 10. The first button lets you take a screenshot a specified region. The second one opens an empty canvas for doodling, and the third button uses your PCs camera to take a photo.


Below the close button you’ll find a button to access the library, from where you can view and manage all your Snips. The only area where you might be a little disappointed is the Settings tab. It’s only sub-menu items are “Feedback”, “Privacy” and “Terms” — not much to see there.


From the library you can open the screenshots you want to edit and annotate. For annotations, you can choose between four different pen sizes and five different colors. Annotation can happen during recording


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  1. Ziggy September 3, 2015 at 6:13 am #

    It’s ok and does what it says and I particularly like the editing feature. Some readers may also be interested in a newly released program called StepsToReproduce, which allows you to capture a sequence of screenshots. You can download it from SnapFiles; the link is provided below…

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