10 Google Chrome Apps to Boost Your Productivity

The Google Chrome Web Store has an enormous gallery of apps to help improve your productivity during the day. Here’s a list of 10 to get you started.

The Google Chrome Web Store has an enormous gallery of apps and extensions to improve the way the browser works. There’s thousands of apps available for download, but all of them are not worth installing. To save you the trouble of finding them, here’s a list of 10 that will improve your productivity.

Evernote Web

EvernoteEvernote allows you to easily take notes online and access them on any computer you use. You can take notes, manage tasks, clip web pages you like, attach images and audio files. The best thing about it is that it has dedicated mobile apps for popular operating systems as well that makes transferring notes as simple as it can be. It’s one of my personal favorites and I use it on every device I own. Evernote Web makes it easy to organize data while working in the browser.

Download Evernote Web

Remember the Milk

Remember the MilkRemember the milk is still one of the best task management apps available. You can manage your tasks, set up reminders (email, SMS, IM), share your tasks with your coworkers and colleagues, use it with Google Calendar, access and complete tasks using Remember The Milk mobile app.

Download Remember the Milk


DropboxDropbox is one of the best and most popular cloud storage services available right now. Available on all operating systems, you can upload and manage your files from any computer or mobile device you use. It makes uploading and sharing documents as easy as it can be for any user. The service offers up to 18GB of storage space with a free account (depending on the number of referrals). If you think you need additional space, you can buy more at nominal rates.

Download Dropbox


StayfocusdSpending time on websites like Facebook or any other time wasting sties can affect your productivity. You end up spending too much time on them and in the end you’re stuck with loads of work. StayFocusd is the solution to this problem. It allows you to limit the amount of time you spend on time wasting sites. You can add list of websites in the blocklist and set the maximum amount of time you can spend on them. After the time finishes, it will block the site for specific amount of time you set. OF course you need to make yourself set it up.

Download StayFocusd


ProducteevJust like Remember The Milk, Producteev is yet another task management app for Google Chrome that allows users to seamlessly manage their tasks. Once registered, you can start managing your tasks from anywhere on any device. Compatibility with devices is one thing that should always be there in a good task management apps. Producteev is not only available on most mobile operating systems but its available for Mac, Windows, Chrome extension, and a bookmarklet.

Download Producteev


MintMint is a useful finance management app for Google Chrome that allows users to track their expenses online and keep track of all their accounts in one place. You can categorize all your spending, track expenses, setup goals to increase your savings and a lot more. Its available for all platforms so that you can access them and add items to the app wherever you go.

Download Mint

Quick Note

Quick NoteWe all take notes while working so that we do not forget important ideas whether we are working professionals or students. Taking notes help users brainstorm ideas easily. Quick Note allows you to take notes while working in Google Chrome. Once installed, you can add items to Quick Note from the right click menu, search your notes, sync them to cloud so that you can access them anywhere and much more. For that you must have a Diigo account or you can simply use your Google Account to login to Diigo.

Download Quick Note


DiigoDiigo is a useful web app/extension for Google Chrome that allows users to highlight, annotate and bookmark web pages, and add sticky notes. You can even capture and annotate screenshots as well. It’s not as feature rich as screenshot programs like compare it with Snagit. But it can get the job done. You can even add tags and titles to your saved pages, and organize them so that they’re easy to find. The best thing about it is that you can share your highlighted material and web pages with friends and colleagues.

Download Diigo

RescueTime Dashboard

RescueTimeRescueTime is a service that allows you to manage your time efficiently on your computer and moble devices. It captures how much time you spent using different applications and presents the information in a graphical charts so that you know your productivity level. It works because when you find out at the end of the day you spent 3 hours with Angry Birds, you may be motivated on spending that time more efficiently to get things done.

Download RescueTime Dashboard


LucidChartWith LucidCharts, you can draw diagrams, flowcharts, mockups, mind maps and more right inside Google Chrome and work with your team in real time. Using specific applications for each task can have a negative impact on your productivity. Created charts can be exported to other document formats such as JPG, PNG or PDF and store them in Google Drive. It also has several useful templates to start with so that you don’t have to start from scratch each time.




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