Buy Windows 8 Pro for $40 from Amazon (DVD-ROM, $69.99 plus $30 Amazon Credit)

Planning on upgrading to Windows 8? Pre-order Windows 8 Pro on DVD from for $69.99 and you’ll get $30 of Amazon credit for anything.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the pricing for Windows 8 DVD upgrades. For users upgrading from Windows XP or later, you can pre-order Windows 8 for $69.99 from a retailer. This includes a physical copy of the operating system on a DVD-ROM with all the trappings and packaging. If you want to go digital, you can buy a Windows 8 upgrade download for $39.99 via the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. Physical and digital copies are available Oct. 26.

We also uncovered a groovy deal available from If you buy a physical copy of Windows 8 Pro from Amazon for $69.99, you get a $30 Amazon promotional credit that you can spend on anything on In this way, you can get Windows 8 Pro on a DVD for the same price as the digital download.

This deal ends October 20, 2012.

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OfficeMax has a similar deal: Windows 8 Pro for $69.99 plus $30 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards.

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This is a great deal on a physical copy of Windows 8 Pro. I’m ordering mine from Amazon today!

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