Apple Could Roll Google’s Gemini AI Into Siri, Sources Hint

Apple Could Roll Google Gemini AI Into Siri

In an interesting turn of events, insiders at Apple say the company is in talks to integrate the Google Gemini AI models with iOS 18 in 2024.

Apple is reportedly in negotiations with Alphabet, Google’s parent company. The projected outcome of those talks? Nothing less than Apple integrating the Google Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) engine into Apple’s iPhone. Such a collaboration could make for a groundbreaking partnership that would significantly impact the AI landscape.

Both tech giants are exploring the possibility of Apple incorporating Gemini, Google’s answer to the OpenAI ChatGPT AI model. The chatbot would enhance upcoming features in iOS 18, the operating system powering the iPhone. This news comes by way of sources asking to remain anonymous because the discussions are still private, Bloomberg reports. The same insiders also claim Apple has been in talks with OpenAI, considering the incorporation of its models into their ecosystem.

Expanding on Existing Google Integration with Apple Products

Should Apple and Google reach an agreement, it would build on their existing search partnership. Google already holds a place as the default search engine within Apple’s Safari browser, a position it’s maintained for years. That deal, some say, is worth billions to Apple annually. However, the specifics of the AI collaboration, including terms and branding, are still being discussed.

Such a partnership could greatly benefit Google’s Gemini by introducing it to billions of potential new users. However, it also suggests that Apple might be seeking external expertise to bolster its AI capabilities. This makes sense, given reports that Apple’s own AI advancements aren’t as advanced as hoped. The internal AI tests, sources say, cannot keep pace with competitors such as Microsoft and others.

Such a move would almost certainly attract additional scrutiny from antitrust regulators, considering the existing attention from such agencies on both companies.

Could Siri Soon Be Powered by Google Gemini?

Apple is reportedly developing new features for iOS 18 already, based on AI models. The goal is to enhance device-based functionalities in features like Siri rather than cloud-delivered ones. Thus, partnering with Google for more robust generative AI capabilities seems a strategic choice.

Apple has been experimenting with its large language model and a basic chatbot named Apple GPT. Unfortunately, this project hasn’t yet matched the capabilities of Google’s and other competitors’ technologies, making a partnership a more appealing option.

An Apple-Google deal would not only be a significant milestone for Google’s Gemini, highlighting its adoption in a vast array of devices. Such a partnership would also underscore the competitive and regulatory dynamics of the tech industry, especially as AI technologies become increasingly central to product offerings.

Formal Announcement Could Come in June at WWDC 2024

Google and Apple are navigating these discussions carefully, with an eye on regulatory landscapes and the evolving needs of their consumers. A formal announcement might wait until Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. However, the outcome remains uncertain, with Apple possibly considering other AI partnerships.

This exploration of generative AI capabilities, particularly in how they might integrate with Siri and other applications, underscores a strategic shift towards leveraging AI to enhance user experiences.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted at significant AI announcements, saying the company would announce transformative features in 2024 that “break new ground.” A partnership with Google to roll Gemini into the iPhone could be the basis for such an announcement.

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