Ad-Supported Tier of Paramount Plus Launches Today for $4.99/Month

The new cheaper “Essentials” tier for Paramount Plus drops today but leaves out local affiliate news coverage. But it costs a buck less per month.

The new ad-supported tier of Paramount Plus launches today and it is a buck cheaper. Starting today the plan goes for $4.99 per month versus the previous $5.99 per month. The new tier is referred to ad an “Essential” subscription. But unlike the $9.99/month tier, which is ad-free, this one includes commercials and less live content. There will no longer be local live news coverage from your region. But if that isn’t a big deal to you, saving a buck on a subscription might be exactly what you need.

Paramount Plus $4.99/Week Essentials Subscription

Unlike the previous $5.99/month tier that initially launched with Paramount Plus, the new ad-supported subscription is only $4.99/month. However, while it does include national news coverage from the likes of CBSN, it will no longer include local news coverage for your region. Now, for the extra local news coverage, you’ll need to bump up to the ad-free tier which goes for $9.99/month.

It is worth noting, though, that if you’re a current subscriber to Paramount Plus with limited commercials, you can stay on it. Limited ad-supported subscribers can stick to the plan and be grandfathered in – and keep streaming local CBS affiliates – as long as you stay subscribed to it.

But if you cancel your current limited commercial subscription, and switch to the cheaper “essential” plan or move up to the commercial-free plan, you won’t be able to get the limited-ad plan with local CBS news coverage back. So, if you like the current limited-ad tier with local news coverage, you need to stick with it.

While you won’t get local news coverage the “essentials” tier will include national news and sports, including soccer and NFL coverage. The NFL on CBS and UEFA Champions League will both be available via individual live feeds. But if you want PGA golf and NCAA basketball, you’ll need to sign up for the commercial-free plan at $9.99/month.

The main thing to remember here is that if you move to the new, cheaper, ad-supported tier, it will be a buck cheaper, but you’ll lose local CBS affiliate news coverage. Also, note that the cheaper tier does not allow you to download content for offline viewing.

Subscribe to Paramount Plus

If you haven’t signed up yet it’s never too late. Currently, you can subscribe to Paramount Plus. You can either get the commercial-free plan for $9.99/month plan or the Essentials plan with commercials for $4.99/month.

It’s also worth noting that you can save 15% when purchasing a yearly plan. There’s also a student discount of 25%. You can also bundle Showtime with Paramount Plus. For $14.99 a month, you can receive both services with limited commercials; for $18.99 per month, you get the commercial-free package. You can add Showtime during the sign-up process.

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