My Xbox Live App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Microsoft released the My Xbox Live app for Apple iOS yesterday. Now you can take your Xbox live experience on the go. Here’s a look at how to use it.

Download My Xbox Live for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from the iTunes App Store.

My Xbox Live

Launch the app and tap the sign in button.
Sign In

Now enter in your Windows Live ID and password.

Windows Live

If you get the following error message. Go to and sign in with your Live ID.


Then accept the new Xbox Live Terms of Use.


After agreeing to the Xbox Live Terms of Use, log into your account on the app. Notice the interface is Metro Style with Tiles. Just like the new Xbox Dashboard, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.5.


From the home screen, you can browse and watch videos from Inside Xbox.


Tap Social to pick an avatar.


It lets you customize your avatar with different clothes, accessories and more.


It also lets you find your friends on the Xbox Live network and compare game achievements.


Or compare games and progress with your Xbox friends.


If you want the ability to message friends from the My Xbox Live app, you’ll need a Gold Membership.


If you don’t have a Gold Membership yet, download the Xbox 360 Dashboard update. Then you’ll find an offer to get the membership for only $1.00 for one month.

Note: After the 30 days is up, it will charge you the regular monthly price. Make sure you’re aware of that and cancel it before the 30 days is up – if you don’t want to continue the membership.

Gold Membership

Once you have an Xbox Live Gold Membership you can use the messaging feature.


Tap the Settings icon to manage your privacy settings for the app. Voice and Text is blocked by default. Make sure to enable it to message with your friends.


My Xbox Live app is free and works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


Navigating the app is intuitive and smooth. It gives you the familiar Xbox 360 experience and provides several different options.

If you want to keep up on your games and friends’ games while on the go, My Xbox Live is well worth the download.

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