Uninstall Programs in Windows the Easy Way

Windows Uninstaller is a free utility that adds an uninstall feature to the Context Menu. It lets you to uninstall a program by right-clicking its shortcut.

Looking for an easier way to uninstall programs in Windows than going through Programs and Features? Check out the free program Windows Uninstaller. It adds an uninstall option to the Context Menu, and allows you to uninstall programs with a few simple clicks.

Windows Uninstaller

Windows Uninstaller works with Windows XP SP3 and higher. Then all you need to do is right click the shortcut icon of the program you want to ditch, and select Uninstall.


It uses the program’s uninstaller. So you’ll need to click through that wizard to uninstall the program.


The cool thing is that you can uninstall a program from the shortcut on the Desktop or from the Start menu, or Start menu replacement on Windows 8. No need to go into Control Panel > Programs and Features and hunt down an application.

Start Menu

When I tried to install it on a Windows 7 computer via IE, I received a warning from the SmartScreen Filter. Go ahead and click Run Anyway, it’s a safe program and won’t harm your system. In fact, if you’re an experienced user and know what you’re installing, you can disable SmartScreen Filter.

SmartScreen Filter

While Windows Uninstaller is easier to use, it uninstalls programs just as if you were using the Windows uninstaller. That means a lot of times there will be left over temp files, folders, and registry entries. This might be good enough for some people, but other users want a clean OS without leftover junk. To get rid of all remnants of a program, follow my guide on how I completely uninstall software in Windows.

Download Windows Uninstaller




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