How to Subscribe on Twitch Using Amazon Prime

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If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can subscribe to one Twitch streamer for free each month. Here’s how.

Streaming on Twitch isn’t an easy process—it’s a big time commitment with no guarantee of success. I have a few favorite streamers I enjoy watching on Twitch, so I always make sure I support them with Twitch subscriptions and donations, including subscribing on Twitch using Amazon Prime.

Twitch Prime subscriptions are one unexpected benefit of an Amazon Prime subscription. You can subscribe to one Twitch subscriber a month, for free, for as long as you have your Amazon Prime subscription.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime offers several benefits you redeem on Twitch as an Amazon Prime subscriber. It includes free games, exclusive in-game loot during streams, a special Twitch Prime chat label, and more.

Most importantly, it includes one free subscription to any Twitch streamer you choose. Like a paid subscription, a Twitch Prime sub includes the ability to watch the streamer ad-free while the subscription is active.

There’s one difference with a paid subscription, however. Unlike other Twitch subscriptions, your Twitch Prime subscription doesn’t roll over from month to month. This means you’ll need to manually resubscribe with Twitch Prime after the subscription ends each month.

How to Link Your Amazon and Twitch Accounts

To use your free Twitch Prime channel subscription, you’ll need to link your Amazon and Twitch accounts. This will also enable you to access the ability to sub with Twitch Prime (along with other benefits).

  1. To link your Amazon and Twitch accounts, open the Amazon Gaming website and sign in.
  2. Click your name in the top-right corner.
  3. Next, click Manage Twitch Accounts from the drop-down menu.
    Manage Amazon gaming on Twitch
  4. In the Your Twitch Accounts menu, click Connect a Twitch account.
    Option to link Twitch and Amazon accounts
  5. You’ll be redirected to Twitch—sign in using your account details and click Confirm, when prompted. If the process is successful, Twitch will redirect you to the Amazon Gaming homepage.
    Confirm account link between Twitch and Amazon accounts
  6. You can check the link is active by clicking your profile name > Manage Twitch accounts. Active Twitch links will appear in the Your Twitch Accounts menu.
    Linked Amazon Twitch accounts

How to Subscribe to a Twitch Channel Using Amazon Prime on PC or Mac

You’ll need an active Amazon Prime subscription and your Twitch account linked to your Amazon account before you can subscribe. Once this is complete, you can subscribe to a Twitch channel using your free Twitch Prime channel subscription on the Twitch website.

  1. To subscribe using Twitch Prime on PC or Mac, open the Twitch website and sign in.
  2. Load up the steamer page for the streamer you want to subscribe to.
  3. If the streamer is able to accept subscriptions, the options to subscribe or resubscribe will appear next to the user’s name.
  4. Click Subscribe to begin the subscription process.
    Subscribing to a Twitch streamer
  5. Twitch will either prompt you to subscribe in a pop-up menu or side panel, depending on whether the streamer is live or not. Either way, make sure to select the Use Prime Sub checkbox.
  6. To activate the subscription, and making sure Use Prime Sub is selected, click Subscribe with Prime.
    Subscribing on Twitch using an Amazon Prime subscription.

Your Twitch Prime subscription will immediately activate. You can announce your subscription in the streamer’s chat, if prompted to do so. After the subscription ends, you’ll need to repeat these steps to reactivate your subscription.

How to Subscribe to a Twitch Channel Using Amazon Prime on Mobile

If you prefer to use Twitch on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device, you can use the mobile app to set up your Twitch Prime subscriptions.

  1. To subscribe using Twitch Prime on mobile, open the Twitch app.
  2. Visit the page for your streamer.
  3. Tap the Subscribe button beneath the streamer details or active video stream.
    Twitch subscribe button on mobile
  4. Tap the Use Prime Sub slider.
  5. To confirm the subscription, tap the Subscribe Free with Prime button.
    Activating a Prime subscription on Twitch

The subscription will become active immediately—you’ll be able to take advantage of the subscription’s benefits (including ad-free watching) on any platform you use. Like PC and Mac users, you’ll need to repeat these steps after the subscription ends to resume the subscription.

Managing Your Twitch Subscriptions

There’s no need to manage your subscriptions using Twitch Prime. Once the sub ends, your subscription is cancelled automatically. You’ll need to go and manually sub to your favorite streamer (or someone else) again to show your support.

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