Sound Not Working on Chromebook: 6 Fixes

Do you have a problem with sound not working on Chromebook? If so, we have six different options that will provide a solution.

Do you have a Chromebook where the sound suddenly stopped working? Without sound on your Chromebook, you can no longer enjoy music, videos, and games. You may also rely on specific sounds while getting things done on your device.

If you run into a situation of sound not working on Chromebook, fixing it can be as simple as unmuting it to completing a full system reset.

Luckily, we have some solutions you can incorporate to get it working again.

1. Make Sure Chromebook Isn’t Muted

One of the first things to check is the volume switch and ensure it’s not muted.

Check your volume switch by doing the following:

  1. Click the clock in the right corner of the taskbar.
  2. When the menu launches, you’ll see a speaker icon. Click it to ensure it isn’t muted, and move the volume slider up to a comfortable volume.Sound Not Working on Chromebook

2. Check Sound Output

If you have an external speaker connected to your Chromebook, you’ll want to check they’re plugged in or connected via Bluetooth.

To check the sound output, do the following:

  1. Click the taskbar icon in the right corner.
  2. Select the left-pointing arrow.Sound Not Working on Chromebook
  3. Under Audio settings, check to see if the Output is set to the correct speakers you want to use. In our example, it’s a pair of Bluetooth speakers and not the internal one. To change the output, click the one you want.Sound Not Working on Chromebook

3. Re-Pair Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones

If you’re not getting sound from your Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you may need to pair them again.

To pair your Bluetooth speakers, use the following steps:

  1. Put your speakers or headphones in pairing mode. Each speaker set varies, so check with the manufacturer’s support site if you’re unsure.
  2. Click the taskbar button on the right corner and toggle the Bluetooth button, so it’s on.Sound Not Working on Chromebook
  3. Click the Add a new device option and select your speakers or headphones from the available items.Sound Not Working on Chromebook
  4. Once your speakers are connected, check the Audio settings as shown above and ensure the speakers you want are set for Output.output

Bluetooth speakers aren’t the only thing you can connect. For step-by-step details, check out how to connect a Bluetooth device to Chromebook.

4. Update Chrome OS

Similar to other operating systems, Chrome OS on your Chromebook receives updates regularly. However, sometimes updates fall through the cracks. Getting the latest update could include a bug fix that your sound needs.

To manually update Chrome OS, do the following:

  1. If you see a notification that an update is available, click Restart to Update.restart to update
  2. You can still check for updates if you don’t see a notification. Click the taskbar button on the right and click the Settings button.settings chrome os
  3. When the Settings page opens, click the About ChromeOS button from the list on the left. You’ll be notified if an update is available – click Restart.

5. Browse as Guest

Another option worth trying is enabling Guest Mode on your Chromebook. When you enter Guest Mode, it’s free of extensions and apps that could be hijacking the sound output.

Enable Guest Mode on Chromebook

If the sound works after being in Guest Mode, log out as a guest, log back in as usual, and get rid of the extension or app causing the sound not to work.

6. Reset Chromebook to Factory Settings

If you’re still having a problem with sound not working on Chromebook, you can reset it. It would be best if you only used this option as a last resort. It will delete any locally stored data, and install apps, and reset settings and customizations.

To reset your Chromebook, use the following steps:

  1. Click the taskbar on the bottom right and choose Settings from the menu.settings chrome os
  2. Click Advanced from the list on the left, scroll down to the Reset settings section and click the Reset button next to Powerwash.Sound Not Working on Chromebook
  3. Click the Reset button when the verification message appears.reset verification

The factory reset process will take several minutes, and your Chromebook will restart a couple of times during the process. Once it’s complete, the experience will be like you got it from the store, and the sound should work.

Using Your Chromebook

If you have a problem with sound not working on Chromebook, one of the solutions above should get it working. Remember, a factory reset should be a last resort. If the sound isn’t working after a reset, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer and hope it’s still under warranty.

Sound isn’t the only problem you can have with a Chromebook. So, for example, you might want to fix the microphone not working.

If you are new to Chromebook, there are other things you might want to know. For example, you can put a Chromebook in airplane mode and add a second user. And if you really want to get geeky, learn how to run Linux apps on a Chromebook.



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    It doesn’t work and I am trying everything is there anything else I could try?

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