Computer Security: Snap a Picture of Whoever Logs on Your Laptop

If you suspect someone is snooping around your laptop while you’re out, here’s a way to find out who they are by taking a picture and saving it to Dropbox.

If you suspect a coworker or family member is snooping around you on your laptop while you’re out, here’s a way to find out who they are by taking a picture and saving it to Dropbox. That allows you to check out what the mice are doing while the cat’s away from another computer or smartphone.

Note: These screenshots are from Windows 7, but the utility should still work on Windows 10.

Utility Captures Snoopers

First, download CommandCam to a Dropbox folder of your choice.

commandcam dropbox

After downloading the file to Dropbox, right-click CommandCam.exe and click Create Shortcut, so you can then move the shortcut to your startup folder. In Windows 7, you can find out how to move items to the Startup folder in this article.

In Windows 8, the startup folder is not as easily accessible, but you can still find it, as explained here.

commandcam create shortcut

Then paste the shortcut into the Startup folder on your system.

commandcam create shortcut startup

To test things out, click the shortcut, then go to the Dropbox folder where you copied the program. When you’re asked for permission to run the software, make sure you un-tick “Always ask before opening this file” because otherwise, your cover will be blown.

CommandCam permission

A picture of you – or whoever’s in front of the webcam at that moment — will show up in the Dropbox directory you place CommanCam in BMP format.


Command Prompt

One thing to note is when it runs, a command prompt will come up during startup when it snaps a shot.

command Line

If you don’t want that to display, right-click the shortcut and select Properties as it might give away the program. Then select Minimized from the Run dropdown menu and click OK.

Run minimized

The utility always replaces the last image, so make sure you copy the ones you want to be saved to another folder. If you don’t want it always to take shots, delete the shortcut from the Startup folder and only add it when needed.

You can always look at the image’s properties to see exactly the time stamp and determine when the action occurred. Also, if you don’t want pictures uploaded to Dropbox, you can use any other folder with the same instructions. But running it from Dropbox or another cloud storage service provides an easy way to check your smartphone or another computer.



  1. shockersh

    You should really figure out why that stuffed animal has your password!

    • Bogdan Bele

      Still working on that one, but thanks for your concern :)

      • Bohdan

        The stuffed animal probably has outside help and a lot of experience on the matter.

  2. Steven

    This is truely clever.

    • Bogdan Bele

      Thanks, glad you liked it.

  3. Jason P

    Is there an alternative for the iMac? running Snow Leopard…

  4. poch

    I was able to install your great camcommand to Dropbox.
    But I can’t put it to the Startup folder which Anvir had disabled.
    Can I do that without reinstalling Anvir?

    • Bogdan Bele

      You should try disabling Anvir, maybe you can add it to the Startup folder.

  5. Mitesh Gaur

    People like you make Internet truly a worthwhile place to visit.
    Thanks again.

  6. Steven Shadow

    My laptop is a Dell and it has a white LED that comes on anytime the camera is active. Is there a way to disable that LED?
    Thanks in advance

    • Bogdan Bele

      Unfortunately, unless you open up the laptop and disable the LED directly (which I wouldn’t advise doing), I don’t think there’s a lot you can do about that.

  7. Matthew

    i dont think i understand how to use this.

  8. walker

    does it still take a picture if the person trying to log in gets the password wrong? that’s mainly what i need it for

  9. G

    Does this work with Windows 10?

    • Cj

      Im wondering that as well, I might just try it out anyway to see the results and if no one lets you know, I will

    • Cj

      it works fine

  10. Cj

    this is cool and all but is it possible to snap a picture when an incorrect password is entered ?

  11. Kurniawan

    i think you forgot something.. a program cant run automatically in lockscreen

  12. gina

    You can only do this on Windows 7 and 8 only or no?

  13. Rajat agarwal

    installed and followed all steps but only getting logo of my cyberlink camera

  14. Zana

    But when I turn it on to check if someone used it, I only get my picture because the prEvious one was replaced??

  15. Shahriar

    When I use lock screen using (Windows+L) then unlock it again using my pin code it does not capture any photo.
    How can i solve this issue?

  16. win

    can i do it without dropbox?

  17. George

    Does chercking the images need internet access

  18. jj

    i have 2 user accounts how do i get it to take a picture omaccount#2 and make it availiable in account #2

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