How to Remove the Widgets Button from Windows 11 Taskbar

An annoying feature Microsoft added to Windows 10 is the News and Interests widget. If you don’t like it on Windows 11 either, you can remove it from the taskbar.

One of the new features of Windows 11 is called “Widgets.” It’s similar to the News and Interests Widget on Windows 10 but more polished. No one asked for it on Windows 10. So instead, Microsoft added it via a Windows Update. And if you’re not a fan (which most of our readers aren’t), you can remove News and Interests on Windows 10. The feature is more elegant on Windows 11, but you still might not be a fan. The good news is you can turn it off on the new OS, too. Here’s how.

Widgets Windows 11 Feature

Widgets are a button that is on the now centered taskbar. Clicking on it launches widgets full of news, weather, finance, sports, and other website information you might be interested in. It also allows you to search the web.

Hide Widgets on Windows 11

To hide and get them out of your way, right-click the Widget icon and select Unpin from Taskbar.

remove widgets from taskbar windows 11

Or, you can right-click an empty area on the taskbar and select Taskbar Settings.

Taskbar Settings Windows 11

That will hide the Widgets icon from the taskbar and give you more room for other apps you need.

Turn Widgets off in Settings

Note: A couple of things to note here. This doesn’t completely disable Widgets. If you hit the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + W, the Widgets feature will launch. At least it will keep the button out of your way. Also, for this article, I’m using the first Windows 11 build in a VM. There’ll certainly be changes by the time the stable version is released to everyone. We’ll update make sure to keep this article updated.

Microsoft explains Widgets on Windows 11 like this:

Widgets bring you closer to information you both want and need. Just click on the widgets icon on the Taskbar, swipe from the left using touch, or hit WIN + W on your keyboard, and your widgets slide out from the left over your desktop. You can personalize your experience by adding or removing widgets, re-arranging, resizing, and customizing the content. The set of widgets we provide currently focus on your calendar, weather, local traffic, your Microsoft To Do lists, your photos from OneDrive, sports and esports, your stock watchlist, and tips.

While you might get used to them and find Widgets on Windows 11 beneficial, many users will find it annoying and want to turn the feature off. And now you know how to hide it.



  1. Dirgster

    My Windows 10 Home does not show the same Taskbar Personalization features as you describe, and on my menu, “Widgets” is not listed.

    • Dirgster

      I misread your article and thought you were talking about Windows 10. Sorry! Please disregard my earlier comment.

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