Re-download Free and Purchased Items from Windows 10 Store

If you do a clean install of Windows 10 or use the Reset this PC feature, all apps and games will be removed. But it’s easy to get them back via the Store.

Microsoft redesigned its Store in Windows 10 to include apps, games, movies & TV and music. But if you perform a clean install of Windows 10 or use the Reset this PC feature, all apps and games will be removed. However, it’s easy to get them back via the Windows Store.

Note: This also works if you were previously running apps and games you got from the Windows Store on Windows 8.1. Since you have a Microsoft account, all of the apps, games, music, and videos that you previously purchased (including free apps and other content) are saved in a library.

Reinstall Windows 10 Apps

Launch the Store and click your profile icon at the top and select My Library from the menu.

Windows 10 Store

Your content is broken down into four groups: Apps, Games, Music, Movies & TV. Although the latter two categories need to be opened in Groove Music and Movies & TV. Then you can download that content in each of the respective apps.

My Library

For example, in the shot below I am set up to download a few songs via the Groove Music app to my local drive.

download music

But now let’s focus on games and apps. In My Library you’ll see a list of your apps and games, but if you need a complete history of what you’ve downloaded over the years, click the small Show all link at the right side. If you have a ton of apps or games, it will take a few seconds to pull them all up.

show all

Now you can scroll through and re-download all of the compatible apps to your Windows 10 system – including ones you were using in Windows 8.1. Not all apps from your Windows 8.1 downloads will be compatible. The list will only show the ones that will work with your Windows 10 device.

To re-download and install an item, just click the down arrow icon at the right of the app or game.

download from list

If you don’t remember what the app or game was, just click on its icon display, and it will bring up its description, screenshots, and customer ratings. Then you can click the Install button to get it back. Just like with Apple and Android, if you already purchased an app or game, you don’t have to pay for it again.

app description

One final note. Microsoft only allows you to install an app on up to ten Windows 10 devices. Previously, with Windows 8.1, you could install an app on up to 81 devices, which is overkill for home users.

However, 10 devices might be cutting it close for people who are all in with the Windows ecosystem. If you have a Windows desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, Xbox, or even a HoloLens. Not to mention owning multiple phones…you’re almost at the max.

10 device limit

This can also be an issue if you’re running VMs and purchasing a new phone or other device over time. Some people are already seeing the error: 0x803F7003 Device limit reached. If you get that error, make sure to log into your Microsoft account and remove any devices you no longer use. That should free up the allotted slots that apps can be installed on.

Remove Device Microsoft Account



  1. Tom  

    but what if the apps you are looking for are not in this list?

    • Marc M  

      This is why I will never again buy ANYTHING from the windows store.

      From what I heard when I tried to find out why I couldn’t find an app I bought, “My Media Center” , if the author “removes” or doesn’t “renew the account” then the app is GONE.

      I find this unacceptable as there is no avenue given for me to download a standalone installer for the app… so now I am left with a paid app that I can never download again. It seems INSANE to me.

  2. melad  

    hi there
    thanks for helping info

    i’m stuck with an app that getting into a “doll state” (frozen functions) after I’d mistakenly changed its settings.
    so I need to clear this particular app settings and start fresh again

    where can I find some thing like that? fresh install of a single app not all store apps


  3. Thanks for this I hope it work’s. Since Windows 10 has disabled App syncing my PC life has become very difficult

  4. Andrea Reitman  

    OK. when I try to re-install, it says I own the game and I can reinstall. When I tell it to reinstall, it says “working” but doesn’t do anything! What can I do? Thanks.

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