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How To Purchase an App from Windows 8 Store

A new feature in Windows 8 is the Windows Store that lets you download apps. There are more apps available in the store now and here’s the steps for purchasing one from the Windows 8 Store.

From the Windows 8 Start screen launch the Windows App Store.

Launch Windows Store

Then browse through the categories of apps available. In each category you can filter apps between free and paid.

Sort Prices

A lot of the paid apps offer a free trial or demo. I recommend trying an app before buying unless you’re sure you want it. A trial also lets you compare the paid app to free apps that do similar things.

Apps Try

After trying out an app, if you want to purchase it, click the Buy button.

Buy Only

You’re prompted to enter in your Microsoft account password.

Enter MS Account

Then enter in your payment information. You’ll be able to add a credit card to your account or use PayPal.

Payment Options

After entering your payment information, you’re brought back to the app store. Click to confirm you want to purchase it.

Confirm Purchase

Then you’ll find your new app on the Windows 8 Start screen.

Launch App Start Menu

Desktop apps are listed in the app store too. You’ll get an overview of the app, screenshots and ratings. To download or purchase the Desktop app, you’ll need to visit the developer’s site.

Desktop App Windows 8 Store

IE 10 opens up to the site so you can download it to your desktop.

IE 10 Publisher Site

A lot of the success of Windows 8 (especially RT) is going to depend on its apps ecosystem. At the time of this writing – a few days after the RTM release, there isn’t a lot of cool apps yet. Hopefully by October 26th, the official release date, more great apps become available.

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  1. Howard Hall July 3, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    Tried to purchase an app. from the Windows 8 Store and it appears that since I live in Canada I can’t buy these apps.

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