Prepare Your Windows Phone for the Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade

If you’re a Windows Phone user and want help with the upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 mobile, check out the UpdateAdvisor app.

If you’re a Windows Phone user and want help with the upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 mobile, check out the UpdateAdvisor and the soon to be released UpgradeAdvisor apps. Each of these can be beneficial for installing phone updates or the official Windows 10 Mobile upgrade that we hope to see it rolled out soon (perhaps even next week).

update and upgrade advisor apps windows phone

The Update and Upgrade Advisor apps will help get your phone ready for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone UpdateAdvisor

Microsoft released this one a few months ago, and the app itself isn’t fancy, but is straight-forward and does get your device ready for updates.

According to the app description, it will check if updates are available, and free up space on your phone to get it ready:

Update Advisor can help check if an update is available for your phone and free up space to get you started. It connects to the network to check for new updates, then helps you free up space for updates by recommending files that you can move to an SD card or OneDrive to make room for the update. After the update is completed, you can move the files back to your phone.

The Windows 10 Mobile update is expected to be quite large, and you probably won’t have enough room to download and install it. So, as noted in the description, it will move files to the SD card or OneDrive to make enough space available on your internal storage. It will also clean out temp files and other data that is just wasting space.

Launch UpdateAdvisor and allow it access to your phone’s SD Card and OneDrive. Then it will check for the latest update and free up space on the phone as needed.

Update Advisor windows phone

Unlike using the Windows Insider app, UpdateAdvisor won’t bypass your carrier to get the latest Windows 10 Upgrade.

Download UpdateAdvisor for Windows Phone

Upgrade Advisor Beta

It looks like there is a new version of this app that is called Upgrade Advisor Beta. You can see it in the Windows Store, but, at the time of this writing, it’s not yet available for download.

From the app description, it appears to do the same thing but is updated with a new UI and aimed toward the actual Windows 10 Mobile upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 and not just for updates.

The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor app will tell you if your Windows 8.1 phone is eligible for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. It can also help free up space on your phone so you’re ready for the upgrade. When you open the app, it checks your phone and lets you know if it’s eligible to upgrade, if an update is required before you can upgrade, or if your phone can’t be upgraded.

Upgrade Advisor

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