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Bing Tip: Play Nostalgic Games Snake and Pong

If you’re bored at work, it’s always neat to find things you can do with search engines, other than just search. Google has a ton of hidden Easter Eggs for years, not to mention its Google Doodles. Microsoft has been adding interesting new features to Bing as well. If you yearn for the basic games on your first cell phone 15 years ago…here’s a look at reliving the basic games Snake and Pong.

Bing Snake

To play the classic Snake game, type: bing snake into search and hit Enter. Then you will get the game at the top of the results. Use your arrow keys to maneuver your snake.

Bing Snake

Bing Pong

For a quick Pong game, type: bing pong into the search engine and hit Enter. Again, the top result will be the classic Pong game and you can control your paddle via your mouse.

Bing Pong

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  1. Jan September 22, 2015 at 2:27 pm #

    But what’s the object of the snake game? To form an “s”?

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