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Ninite is a free software service which allows you to easily and automatically install freeware apps and keep them updated. Here’s how to get it setup!

What would you say if I told you there was a simple and easy way to automatically install the best freeware applications available? Now, what would you say if I told you that the same program could also automatically keep your programs up to date, and once you set it up you won’t have to do a single thing? Crazy huh? Well, guess what, Ninite can do both of those things, and I’ll show you how in the article below.

Install Desktop Programs from Ninite

Start by heading over to using your preferred browser.

On the website, you’ll find a huge list of apps, and all of them (except for the MS Office trial) are free to use. Typically, you’ll only need 1-2 programs per category, but don’t let me stop you from grabbing as many as you want.

select which programs you want to install

Once you have the programs you want to be checked, Scroll down to the bottom and Select Get Installer.  The Ninite installer should start downloading, once it finishes –Run it.

get ninite installer

The installer will automatically go through and install each program one at a time, but you won’t have to do anything!  You can let it run in the background or just sit there and watch it.  Once the installation is finished, click Close.

skipped or installed updates and programs

That’s all there is to it, all of your programs should be installed and ready to use.

Done with Installation!

Now let’s set up Ninite to automatically update the programs we just installed on a regular basis.  Using Ninite to update is a lot easier than individually updating each program, and we can set it so that we won’t even notice when the updates are going through.

Step 1

Click the Start Menu Orb and Type task scheduler in the search box, then press Enter.

launch task scheduler in windows

Step 2

In the Task Scheduler window, click the Action menu and then select Create Basic Task

create basic task in task scheduler

Step 3

Now we’re in the task creation wizard.  On the first page just enter a name for the task, such as “Ninite Updater,” and then Click Next.

ninite updater set task name

Step 4

On the Trigger page, Select Weekly then Click Next.

Since most programs don’t update on a daily basis, checking for updates daily is a bit overkill.

set task to weekly

Step 5

Set a Time of day that you would like the update to occur, and then Set what day of the week you would like the update check to go through on.

weekly monday

Step 6

On the Action page, select Start a program.

start a program in task scheduler

Step 7

Now you’ll need to click Browse and navigate to the Ninite installer that you downloaded from  It is likely in your Downloads folder, but you can move it anywhere you like.  Once you’re done selecting it, Type /silent into the “Add arguments” box.  Then Click Next.

select ninite as the application to run and add the silent argument

Step 8

On the final summary page, make sure everything looks good and then click Finish.

finish task scheduler

You’re Done

Now Ninite will automatically check for updates on a weekly basis for all of the programs that you selected the Installer to include.  Even if you already have programs installed, you can select them on and add them to the installer if you would like to use Ninite to keep them updated.  This is the grooviest way I’ve found of keeping the majority of the software on my PC up to date automatically.




    i can’t wait to try this. sounds almost to good to believe.

    • Steve Krause

      The reason why this works so easily is because the original installer can be used over and over. Each time it runs, it looks to see if there is a new version of the file. If yes, it installs it.

      Very simple yet effective!

  2. andrew

    my working sand yes

  3. Thane

    I love groovypost :)

  4. Mian Jamal Shah

    Sweety Dear, For your kind information I have download and installed window 8 in my personal Computer from last two years ago, Currently I delete and now installed a new window 7 again for official work but he did not deleted the window 8 from PC, Please advise suggestion, with thanks.

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