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How To Set the Default Path for Handbrake Output Files

Setting a default path for Handbrake Output files is the very first task you need to do after you install a fresh copy of Handbrake, the Freeware Video and Music Conversion / Transcoding app. This is the location where Handbrake will automatically save newly converted files. Make sure this folder has plenty of space especially if you will be converting large video files.

Although this may seem like a very basic tip, I will be referring to it frequently during a new series I’m doing on converting media to different formats. Enjoy!

After installing Handbrake, open it and Click Tools >> Options

handbrake options

Click the Output Files tab

click output files

Next to the Default Path box, Click the Browse button.

click browse to choose default path

Navigate to a spot with a lot of free hard drive space, select the folder and click OK.

In my example I created a folder called Video-Transcode on an external 1TB hard drive with plenty of space. Last thing I want during a lengthy movie conversion is to run out of drive space!

click output folder default

The drive and folder you selected should now be displayed in the default path box. All done!

handbrake default path configured

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  1. sage October 24, 2015 at 9:19 am #

    i just want the {source} not the {title}. It wont let me just delete it (it automatically adds it back in) How can I achieve this?

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