Facebook Now Allows You to Edit Your Comments

Facebook - Edit comments

Facebook just updated their comment system with a few groovy changes.  Now when you want to submit your comment, all you have to do is Press the Key.  You can add more lines to your comments too, just use the Shift+Enter key combo.  And, if you happen to make a mistake you can just go back and edit it –assuming you fix it quickly enough. 


The editing feature is useful, but it is also limited (to prevent ninja-edits?).  As soon as you submit the initial comment, the timer starts.  You have 60 seconds to make any changes and after that you will only be able to delete said comment.  Additionally, if someone else leaves a comment on the same status update before your 60 seconds is up, you’ll also lose editing ability then.

Below we have a brief video demonstration of the new feature in use:

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