Move Apps from SD Card to Phone on Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to move apps between your SD card and phone using Storage Sense. Here’s how to move apps that require being on your phone.

By default I have the Windows Phone Store set to install all of my apps to the SD card on my Windows Phone. However, some of the apps need to be installed on the phone’s internal storage to work. So I need move it from the SD Card to the phone. You might run into this issue, or need to move multiple apps at a time between either location. Here’s how to do it with Storage Sense in Windows Phone 8.1.

Moving Apps between Windows Phone 8.1 SD Card the Phone’s Storage

In this example I have Nextgen Reader installed on the SD card and I get an error telling me it needs to be moved on the phone’s storage.

Start by going to Settings > Storage Sense. Then tap your SD card – not the phone.

Windows Phone Storage Sense

After that, tap Apps + Games and after a few moments you can start browsing through the aps on the SD card. In this instance I just need to move one, so just tap the one you want and the next screen will show you the move button.

move apps

Or if you want to move multiple apps at once, just hit the list icon at the bottom of the screen, and check each app you want to move and then tap Move. I would think selecting multiple apps would be more common if you didn’t have an SD card yet and then got one. That makes it much easier to move apps and pictures from you phone to the SD card. Or, on the other hand, maybe you want to get rid of a lot at in one fell sweep – just hit Uninstall at the bottom.

move or uninstall apps

What is your take on Windows Phone 8.1 so far. Remember that if you don’t have it yet, your carrier should be pushing it out soon. Or you can always use our article on how to get Windows Phone 8.1 today – that includes early updates as well.

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