More Tips for Getting More Out of the Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon’s new tablet, the Fire HD 10, is a more affordable version of its predecessors and offers a much-improved experience. It includes an improved 1080p display, Hands-Free Alexa, and a new low price. If you’re new to the Fire tablet, here are some things you can do to get more out of the experience. Note that these tips will work with smaller sizes of the modern tablets, too. For additional tips and tricks, check out our previous article on getting started with your Fire tablet.

Rename Your Fire Tablet

All of Amazon’s devices are quite affordable and if you’re a fan, chances are you have several around the house. If you have several, it’s good to have a descriptive name for each tablet versus the default “Brian’s 2nd Fire”. This helps keep track of the devices on a busy home network and makes it easier to manage the devices on your “My Devices” page on the Amazon site.  To change the name of your tablet, head to Settings > Device Options > Change your Device Name and type in a name that helps you distinguish between them.

Change Fire HD 10 Name

Enable Blue Shade

Most devices these days have a tool that will filter out the blue light that can keep you up at night. For example, in Windows 10 there is a feature called Blue Light and on iOS it’s called Night Shift. To turn it on, swipe from the top of the screen down and tap the Blue Shade icon. The screen will change color and you can adjust the color with the slider. For more control over it, head to Settings > Display > Blue Shade. There you can adjust the color and brightness and set a schedule for it to activate automatically.

Blue Shade Fire Tablet

Turn Off Lock Screen Ads

While Amazon sells its Fire tablets at an affordable price, unless you pay extra at time of purchase, they come with ads enabled on the lock screen. The ads are typically for other types of Amazon products and services. You can disable the ads, but it will cost you an extra $15 to unsubscribe from them. Log into your Amazon account on another computer and head to the Your Devices page. Now find your tablet on the list and click the button next to it. You will see the device is subscribed to Special Offers and Ads – click the Edit link.

Amazon Your Devices

Then choose the button to unsubscribe. Remember, you will be charged $15 plus tax, whether you’re a Prime Member or not. Still, it might be worth it if you’re not a fan of the ads and want them gone for good.

Unsubscribe Fire Tablet Ads

Private Web Browsing

All modern web browsers offer a private browsing experience. Google calls it “Incognito” for Chrome and Microsoft calls it “InPrivate” with Edge in Windows 10. The Silk browser on your Fire tablet offers the same type of private browsing experience as well. Launch the Silk browser and tap the options button (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner and select Enter Private Browsing or tap it again to return to regular tabs. You’ll know you are browsing in private mode because the background of Silk turns a dark gray.

Silk Browser Private Browsing

Change Wallpaper

If you want to vary things up a bit, you can change the background of the home screen to a different wallpaper. To do that, head to Settings > Display > Wallpaper. There you can select from different default options or use one of your own photos (Pick Image) as the background.

Wallpaper Fire HD 10

These are just a few tips to get you started on getting more from the Amazon Fire HD 10 and other modern Fire tablets from Amazon. What are some of your favorite tips or tricks for Amazon’s entertainment tablet? Let us know in the comment section below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JNagarya  

    What I’d like to know is if there’s an App that will DL videos from Youtube.

    Sure, I can DL them onto computer, then copy them to the Fire HD 10; but I’m spoiled: I love luxuriating in luxuries.

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