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Remotely Manage a Microsoft Hyper-V Server from Windows Server 2008

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So, you’ve successfully to Windows Server 2008 running Hyper-V, but now you want to manage the Hyper-V Server remotely from another Windows Server 2008 or Vista box.  Is it possible?  Today at work I had that very question, and found that it is possible and easy to configure a Windows Vista Client OR a Windows Server 2008 box to remotely manage a Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

Below are the steps for enabling remote management on a Windows Server 2008 machine.  If you’re looking for the steps for Vista, check out I just wrote.


Remotely Manage a Microsoft Hyper-V Server from a Windows Server 2008 Machine

1)   Click Server Manager Icon on Quick Launch bar.  (If it’s not there, just Click Start Button and Type Server Manager and Windows Search should find it.)

Launch Windows Server 2008 Server Manager


2)   From the Server Manager Console, Click Features, Add Features

How-To Add features to Windows Server 2008


3)   Expand Remote Server Administrator Tools, Role Administration Tools, Check BoxHyper-V Tools.  Click Next then Click Install

Enable Hyper-V Tools Feature in Windows Server 2008


To Launch Hyper-V Remote Manager

4)   Click Windows Start Button, Type Hyper, and Click Hyper-V Manager once Windows Search finds it.  You can also find it under Control Panel Administrative Tools.

Launch Hyper-V Manager from Windows Search


5)   Click Connect to Server to start managing your Hyper-V Servers

Remotely Manager Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Server

All done!  Very simple, easy and most importantly, .  As mentioned above, if you’re looking for the .


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