Easily Map Out Directions To An Outlook 2007 Contact [How-To]

In Outlook 2007 you can quickly and easily map out directions to your contacts’ addresses with just a click of a button.  This feature can be pretty handy if you need to rush out and meet someone for a business call.  I’ll keep this Outlook tutorial short and sweet since it is as easy as two clicks.


How to Automatically Map Your Contacts’ Addresses in Outlook


1.  Open your Microsoft Outlook address book and Open one of your Contacts (be sure to pick one with a valid address.)

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Contact


2.  At the top of the contact window Click Map.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Contacts Map Button


3.  Bing maps will appear in your web browser and automatically map your contact’s address.  From here you can easily get directions or even look up more information, such as reviews (if available.)

Bing Maps


All done!  Have a groovy time finding your contacts via map while using Outlook 2007!

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