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Reference Guide for Microsoft Paint 3D

If you’re new to Paint 3D, you might be overwhelmed a bit by the new interface; after all, this is not your grandfathers paint app. Paint 3D puts emphasis on creating 3D surfaces and maximizing tools such as the pen and inking for touch devices; and… it’s a lot of fun!

This reference guide is intended to help get you up and running with Paint 3D quickly as well as answering some commonly asked questions of first-time users. It’s not exhaustive however so if you have a question that’s not answered in this guide, please leave a comment and we will do our best to get answers for you as well as update our guide for other readers.

How do I launch Paint 3D?

Your computer must be running the Windows 10 Creators Update. Paint 3D is not available for previous revisions of Windows 10 and earlier releases. Paint 3D can be launched from the Windows Ink Workspace or Start > All Apps.

How do I insert an image in Paint 3D?

Click the hamburger menu then click Insert. Browse to where the image is located, then click Open.

How do I resize the canvas?

Select the canvas tab, then use the anchors to resize manually or enter the dimensions manually.

How do I crop an image?

Insert your image, click the selection button, make a selection then click Crop.

How do I mask an image onto a 3D object?

Select the 3D Object tab, choose a shape you would like to use, then draw onto the canvas. Select the stickers tab, select the custom stickers tab, choose your image.

Use the anchors to manipulate the image and resize it over the object, click the rubber stamp anchor to apply the image permanently.

How do I repaint or change the color of an object?

Select the Tools tab, choose the fill option, select a color, then tap an object to fill.

How can I draw my own object?

Click the Objects tab, choose 3D doodle, select a color, then begin drawing your object on the canvas.

How do I select multiple objects in my project?

Click the Objects tab, choose the Select button, choose your object, click Multiselect then select the next object.

How do I duplicate an object?

Select the object, then click copy then paste.

How do I resize an object?

Select the object, then pull in the anchors to resize it.

How do I rotate an object in 3D?

Select the object, then use perspective anchors (representing motion) to rotate the object.

If you want to preview your object in 3D, click the 3D Preview icon then drag down or up.

How do I view my project in 3D?

Click the eye icon on the floating toolbar to view your content in 3D.

How do I access Remix 3D?

First, ensure you are connected to the Internet. After connecting, a community icon will appear next to the redo button, click it to launch Remix 3D.

How do I share my completed project on other social networks?

First, ensure you are connected to the Internet. Click the hamburger menu, click Share then choose your desired social network.

How do I save my project as a 2D image I can use in other apps such as Microsoft Word?

Enable 3D mode, then click the camera icon on the floating toolbar.

How do I hide Welcome screen?

Click the hamburger menu > Settings, toggle off Show welcome screen.

How do I resize the Task pane?

Click the hamburger menu > Settings then toggle on Compact mode.

Ready to explore Paint 3D in detail and start on your first 3D project? Check out our Get Started with Paint 3D where I documented my first project and how I did it.

Remember, if there is something you would like to know not mentioned here, let us know in the comments.

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