How to Make the Downloads Button Always Show on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft displays a Download button when you download an item from the web. But it disappears by default. Here’s how to make the button always show on the toolbar.

In modern updated versions of Microsoft Edge, the Downloads button will show when you download a file. It will display on the top-right corner of the browser toolbar. But when the download is finished, the download button goes away. It is set to disappear by default. But, some users might want it to always display in the toolbar. Here’s how to make that happen.

Microsoft Edge Download Button

Here is an example of the Download button showing up when you download a file while Edge is open. After the file has downloaded, the button disappears.

Edge Download Button

Always Display the Download Button on Edge

To get started, launch Edge and start downloading a file. While it’s downloading click the Options button (three dots). Then click on the “Show downloads button on the toolbar” option on the menu.

always show button

That’s all there is to it! Now the Downloads button will always display on the toolbar whether you’re downloading a file or not.

Showing Downloads Button

If you want to remove it, click the Downloads button. Then click the Options button (three dots) and then click on “Hide Downloads Button on Toolbar” from the list on the menu.

 hide downloads button

Make Download Button Always Show Using Keyboard Shortcut

It’s also worth noting this simple trick to make the Downloads button always display. Launch Edge and use the keyboard shortcut Alt+F. That will bring up the Edge menu. Right-click on the Download option. Then click on the “Show in toolbar” option.

keyboard shortcut menu

Make the Downloads Button Always Display Using Settings

Since there are several ways to change the way things behave in Windows (including Edge) we’ll take a look at a different method. You can make the Downloads button always show from Settings.

Launch Edge and click the Settings and more button (three dots) in the upper-right corner of the toolbar. Then from the menu click on Settings.

Edge Settings

Then from the Settings menu click on Appearance in the sidebar on the left.


Then from the list on the right, under the “Customize Toolbar” section, flip on the “Show downloads button” switch.

Show Downloads Bar

That’s all there is to it. No matter which method you choose, the Downloads button will always display in the toolbar unless you turn it off.

And for more on Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser and downloads, check out how to disable the Downloads button. And if you want help with passwords, you can make Edge suggest strong passwords. And if you want help keeping your young ones safe on the web while using the Edge browser, check out how to use Kids Mode.

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