Make Microsoft Edge Use an Extension in InPrivate Mode

Microsoft Edge disables extensions while browsing in InPrivate mode. If you want to enable one, though, you can. Here’s how.

Like other web browsers, Microsoft Edge includes a private browsing mode called InPrivate Mode. It is a privacy feature like InCognito mode for Google Chrome. It doesn’t save download or browsing history, cookies, and site preferences, and for example. It also deletes browsing data when you close the browser.

By default, InPrivate mode will disable any installed extensions. But sometimes you might need to enable a certain extension while using the browser in private browsing mode. Here’s how to set it up.

Enable an Extension in Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate Mode

Launch Microsoft Edge and click the Options (three dots) button and select Extensions from the menu.


From the Extensions page scroll down to the installed extension you want to make available and click the Details link.

Now on the extension’s description page check the “Allow in InPrivate” box.

Note: When an extension is enabled while using InPrivate mode history may still be recorded. Edge can’t stop it from saving your browser history. So it is important that you trust the extension before enabling it.

That’s all there is to it. Do this for each extension you want to work in InPrivate mode. Now the next time you launch Microsoft Edge in InPrivate mode, the extension(s) you selected will work. If you want to disable an extension while using InPrivate mode, just go back in and uncheck the “Allow in InPrivate” box.

InPrivate Extension Enabled

And if you want to keep your local browsing data private, especially on a shared computer, check out how to make Microsoft Edge always start in InPrivate mode. And if you are using a different browser check out our article on how to start any browsing in private browsing mode by default.

All of today’s modern browsers support a private browsing mode. It prevents the browser from saving local browsing history. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t prevent sites or your ISP from tracking your activity across the web. For that type of protection, you want to use a VPN. A good choice for the average user for that is Private Internet Access.

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