Make Webpages On the Kindle Fire Silk Browser Easier to Read

If you own a Kindle Fire, you’ve probably noticed while browsing webpages on the Silk browser are small and hard to read. Here’s how to make a few adjustments to settings to make sites easier to read.

First, tap on Web from the main menu.


At the bottom of the browser tap the Settings button then tap Settings.

On the Settings page tap Default Zoom.

Default Zoom

Set the Default Zoom from Far to Medium or Close.

Set Zoom

Then while you’re at it, change the Text Size to something larger too.

Text Size

Then go back and look at a website to see the difference. Play around with these two settings on different websites until you get something that is easier for you to view.


If you have a hard time viewing webpages with the default settings on the Kindle Fire Silk browser, changing the default zoom and text size will help you get it to a preferable size.



  1. Ronni  

    Awesome! Thanks, Brian.

  2. Brittany  

    I know this article is from 2012 but Silk no longer has those options, such as font size and minimum zoom level. How can I change the minimum font size now?

    • fredf  

      Yes, same question.

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