How to Change the Kindle Fire Default Language

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Chances are that Kindle Fire you purchased has English set as the default language. If you prefer to use it with a different language, changing it is easy. Languages other than English include Spanish, Italian, French, and Japanese. Here’s how to change the default language on the Kindle Fire HD.

Note: This article was written when the first-gen Fire Tablets were released. The steps on a modern tablet will vary.

Change Kindle Fire Default Language

Open up the notification bar by swiping from the top of the screen down, and tap More.

more settings from the notification bar

In the Settings menu select the “Language & Keyboard” category.

language and keyboard

Tap the Device Language button.

language settings

Now all that’s left to do is select your preferred language. Once selected the Kindle Fire will immediately begin using the new language.

select a language



  1. Luis Aragon

    Language inadverdently changed from English to German. I can’t read german. I have followed instructions of going to more on the pull down screen but cannot past that point. Please help. Luis

    • Carolyn

      Please hell.i cant change language from german back to englisch..i followed the instructions but i cant get past the pull down screen to the links to make the language change..once i pull the screen Downloads,,ist blank,,,theres no thing on the pulldown screen…Presse help.thankyou carolyn

    • Carolyn

      Did u find out directions how to get to english from German Luis Aragon ¿¿¿ ..i am having the same problem…

  2. Mary

    I can’t get from spanish to english. This is the most frustrating instrument I have ever run across.

    • Florence Lawson

      My kindle Fire HD 8 GB is new & I am learning to navigate but I pull down settings but then all is in Spanish and I can’t read to know what I’m doing. Help please.

  3. Heatherwilliams

    Has anyone been able to figure this out I am on well I really don’t know what language I am on my son got it on some language so I tried to look for the symbol that it had for more and I couldn’t find it .so far trying to figure this out I mangeded to get rod of a lot of apps so please help me figure this out I am scared to even touch the thing now

    • Kenneth Williams

      The default on my tablet fire7 is English,but when I go to the help file it gives me the user manuel in Spanish,why?and how can I change it.

  4. Florence Lawson

    I tried to follow the video but all is in Spanish I guess but all I get is pulling down and click and the first icon I guess is settings but can’t find MORE. But I pull down but can’t read where I’m at. I tried and clicked on each, thinking to see something that looked like device language but nothing. Please help.

  5. richard

    does the amazon fire tablet have Portuguese as a language ?

  6. Diane Kerr

    Purchased the new kindle and it is coming up in Turkish, which was never picked, I cannot read anything and dont know how to change, it was bought for a Xmas present and mum going on holiday on Tuesday would like it up and running before then so we can download some books please help ASAP

  7. Mom

    “sprache” Is the German word for language. I translated the all words in the menu till I finally found it.

  8. Kenneth

    My kindle is in English but the keyboard section is in spanish, i tried to set it in English but it didnt work i only get English by tapping on each word on the bar above the keyboard, how do you change that?

  9. Elena

    I live in Japan and bought this tablet off amazon. Settings are in English but everything else is in Japanese help I cant read or understand any of it. It is a regional thing?

  10. Anne jamieson

    I’ve tried everything to change my tablet to English but continually it’s in Spanish

  11. faye pons

    my 4 year old turned on the tablet and before i could set it up she set the language to portuguese and i have no idea how to change it to english PLEASE HELP

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