Create and Manage Kindle Fire Music Playlists

To help organize your song collection – create playlists. Here’s how to create an manage playlists on your Kindle Fire.

From the Kindle Fire home screen tap Music.

Kindle Home Screen Music

Next, select Cloud to create a playlist from songs on Amazon Cloud Player. Tap Device to create a playlist from songs you put directly on your Kindle Fire.
cloud device

Tap Playlists then Create New Playlist.

Create New Playlist Kindle Fire

Type in a name for the playlist you’re creating and tap Save.

Name Playlist Kindle Fire

Now scroll through your music and click the plus icon to add songs to the playlist.

Add Songs Kindle Fire Playlist

A verification message pops up at the bottom of your screen for each song you add.

Songs Added

If you have a lot of music, it lets you search through your collection. After you have the songs in the list you want, tap Done.

Search Music Kindle Fire

Now when you go to Playlists you’ll see each one you created.

Playlists Kindle Fire

If you create a playlist from music on the Cloud Player, you can download the playlist directly to your device. Tap the download icon.

Download Playlist Kindle Fire

A verification message comes up. Tap Yes.

Confirm Download

After the songs from the playlist download, you’ll find them by tapping Device.

Downloaded Playlist Device

To edit a playlist, select it and then tap the Edit button.

Edit Playlist

On the Edit Playlist screen tap the minus icon to remove songs. Or tap the Add button to put more songs in it.

Edit Playlist Kindle Fire

To delete a playlist, long press the list you no longer want until you see the following menu. Then select Delete Playlist from Cloud Drive. This deletes the playlist, but not your songs. You can rename a playlist form this menu too.

Delete Playlist Kindle Fire

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