Kindle Fire: Stream Your iTunes Music from Amazon Cloud Player

If have an Amazon Kindle Fire, you can easily play songs from the Amazon Cloud Player. Here’s how to upload your iTunes library and play them from your Kindle Fire.

First, go to the Amazon Cloud Player page and log into your account, then click Upload Your Music.

Amazon Cloud Player Upload Your Music

Click Download Now to install the Amazon MP3 Uploader.
Install Amazon MP3 Uploader

It scans your iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries automatically. This is nice so you don’t have to do any further work. Or if you want more control, stop the process and browse to the music you want to upload manually.

Keep in mind Cloud Player only supports MP3 and AAC file types that are not protected by DRM.

Amazon Cloud Player MP3 Uploader

After the MP3 Uploader is done scanning your iTunes library, go through and check or uncheck the playlists and artists it finds. If you have more songs to upload, click the Browse for More Music link and manually add them. Click Start Upload.

Select Music

Now wait while your music is uploaded to Amazon servers. The amount of time it takes varies. If you have several gigs of music, count on it taking several hours.


After you your iTunes music is uploaded to your Amazon Cloud Player account, grab your Kindle Fire and tap Music.

Kindle Fire Music

Then tap Cloud to view the music you uploaded to Amazon Cloud Player.

Kindle Fire Music from Cloud Player

Enjoy your music!

Kindle Fire Cloud Now Playing



  1. Hal

    May 8, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    How can u retrieve archive Amazon music from cloud. Not a simple download as kindle says on screen prompt.

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