How To Install YouTube on Kindle Fire HD


Here’s how to install The Android YouTube app on the Kindle Fire HD. The omission of the Android YouTube app on a media consumption tablet doesn’t make much sense.

YouTube for Android isn’t included or available for the Kindle Fire HD. The lack of common apps in the Amazon App Store is one of its biggest disadvantages for users who want a “serious” Android tablet. Here’s how to install the Android YouTube on the Kindle Fire HD – no rooting involved.

Important Update: These instructions are for the first generation Fire HD tablet and may no longer work with newer devices.

The omission of the YouTube app on a media consumption tablet doesn’t make much sense. Apparently, Amazon wants you to use its services, but it doesn’t have anything like YouTube, so why isn’t it there?

Get YouTube for Amazon Fire HD

Important Update 2: At the time of this writing — July 2021 — the YouTube app is available via the Amazon App Store. You can now install it as you would any other available app.

First, make sure you have it set so you can sideload apps. Swipe down on the home screen and tap More then Device. Then turn on Allow Installation of Applications.

Allow Installation of Applications

Now download the youtube.apk file to your PC.

youtube apk

After you’ve downloaded the file, connect your Kindle Fire HD tablet to your computer if it isn’t already. When AutoPlay comes up, then click Open Device to View Files, or open it in Computer.

Open Device to View Files AutoPlay

Go to the Download Folder and copy the APK file to it.

Download Folder

Next, install ES File Explorer on the Fire if it isn’t already and open the Download folder.

ES File Explorer Download

Tap the YouTube icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.


The cool thing about installing YouTube is it will display an icon in Apps, unlike the hidden Camera app.


There you go! You can now enjoy your favorite YouTube videos on the Kindle Fire HD.

YouTube Kindle Fire HD

Another app not included in the App Store is Dropbox. Check out this article on how to install Dropbox on the Kindle Fire. Installing it on the new Fire HD is essentially the same process.



  1. R. Carlson

    Wonderful! After searching other websites for help in correcting this glaring omission by Amazon for the Fire HD, I come across your clear instructions here and Presto! Problem solved! Thank you!

  2. me

    It isn’t there because Adobe doesn’t support Flash for mobile devices anymore. It’s not an oversight by Amazon.

    • Austin Krause

      Hi umm “you” , or “me”, I’m not sure what your name is, but that’s an interesting comment.

      The YouTube Android App doesn’t use Flash to play videos, so Flash isn’t needed on an Android device except in the case where you are web surfing. In fact, Adobe officially stopped supporting Flash on Android as of version 4.1 (jellybean)

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. GeorgeZ

    Does this mean I have to manually update the YouTube app then and re-download it from somewhere when a new version becoames availabel?

  4. Rick

    Followed all of the instructions and the Youtube installed but it does not have an icon in the Apps. I can search for Youtube in the apps and it finds it and I can start it but I have no Icon.

    • Tom

      You must move the App to the /system/app Directory.

  5. Tyler

    can I install from my kindle if I don’t currently have access to my computer?

    • Brian Burgess

      You might be able to download the APK file through the Silk Browser and move it to the Download Folder in ES Explorer. I am not sure as I no longer have a Kindle Fire. But if that works, definitely let us know!

    • Kay

      I followed the instructions and got the app as well. But once I opened the app it says that it needs google play services to run. So I downloaded playservives apk file but yet it says play services not supported by ur device

  6. becca

    It won’t let me sign into my youtube account. the box flashes really quickly. Is there a way to fix this?

  7. Stephy

    After loading youtube , I’m not able to sign into you tube. The pop up to do so disappears to quickly to click. Is there a fix for this? Also not able to subscribe to any channels. Same issue.

  8. mike

    Can’t sign in to YouTube. No good.

  9. ripuree

    Thanks to everyone for comment. I thought I wasn’t getting through because I am a novice.


    I have just downloaded and installed the files but I have to launch the apps, then select E S File explorer then in that download and install youtube from there when it has finished installing I have to open it (again) then it will work.Also there is no icon for Dolphin Browser on my kindle fire’s carousel. I am at a loss.

  11. travis vanderwoude

    thank you …it worked for me!!…do it word for word and it works!

  12. potato

    so it installed fine but when i try and sign in the window for adding an account kinda blinks then goes away so i cant.

    • Elyse

      I have the same issue! Is there a newer version of this app?

  13. Berkely Martin

    tried to do this but when I got to the step in which you are supposed to download ES file explorer I got stuck. apparently it’s isn’t available at the amazon app store anymore. any alternatives to this I could use?

  14. Jonah

    Did it almost word for word, and it worked. I don’t currently have access to a computer I can attach my Fire to, so I followed the instructions to install/access my Dropbox, downloaded the .apk to my phone and uploaded to dropbox. After that I just went in to Dropbox and ran the APK. I can’t log in to YouTube (as some have mentioned), but I am able to watch videos so I’d count that as a win. Posted on 10, January 2017.

  15. Afdul

    Do I need a PC to do this? I downloaded the apk file using silk browser. When I click the apk file through es file explorer, I am getting “There was a problem parsing this package ” help pls

  16. Noah

    I got the app to download and open, but when I opened it i couldn’t sign in. Is there a way that I can sign into my account so that i can see the videos from the people that i am subscribed to?

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